santa cruz wharf

04 January 2008


Apparently we don't usually get "Tropical Storms" here on the central coast. We're getting hit with the beginning of a three tier set of 'em. I tried to take more pictures at the beach but the wind was sandblasting my face...seriously. My jeans and windbreaker were coated with sand.

Power is on and off. Trees are down everywhere. The wind is so strong they are closing bridges and leaving the bigrigs on the bridges. The brunt of the first wave of the storm is to hit in about two hours.


Sandee (Comedy +) said...

I'm in central Calfornia and we are riding the same storm out. It's flat ugly out there. I'll be glad when the wind dies down. About 4 this afternoon, or so they say. Good luck. Have a great day. :)

Leighann said...

eeek! Stay safe!

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

oh my goodness! that looks awful katherine! stay safe honey!

smiles, bee

Linda said...

Wow - I don't think I've ever seen a California palm tree blowing like that! Stay inside and stay out of harm's way until this thing blows over - literally!

Diesel said...

It's been crazy, hasn't it? Glad I didn't have to drive to Mountain View today.

BTW, I had to reject your blog for inclusion on h-b because you don't have a link on your site. Sorry, rules are rules. If you don't care about having your blog listed, you don't need to link to h-b, but you selected the "list my blog site." Resubmit when you're ready. :)

Mel said...

Holy moly......batten down the hatches!

Be safe!
(tha photos are cool--but BE SAFE)

And let us know you've come through the other side of it safe and sound, eh?

Wow I bet the waves are fantastic....

Jeff B said...

And here I was sniveling about the crappy weather in Oregon. OK you win today!

Hope all is well with you.

Matt-Man said...

I was just watching a report on the Weather Channel. Man, you guys get all of the fun. Good Luck. Cheers!!

Desert Songbird said...

And it's heading my way!

Mimi Lenox said...

Stay safe, Katherine! Let us know how you are. We'll worry you know.

DocMtCat said...

Be safe - that is crazy weather!

BTW - I like your blog from what I have read and I want to read more... Do you mind if I link to yours on mine for easy access?

-Shane (doc)

Ron said...

Hi Katherine!

So sorry it took me a while to get over here to visit your place. I'm in the retail I just finished the most intense time of the year...whewwww!

(now it's my time to rest)

GREAT blog! Happy energy!

Hey, listen...I use to live in Florida...and those photos are giving me "flash-backs" to all the storms we would get during the summer months...WOW!

(tape the windows...and chant!)

Your children are beautiful!

I'll be back to read here again. Thanks again for stopping by my place. So nice to meet you!


Travis said...

Got your batteries and other emergency supplies all set?

I've been through west coast hurricanes before...funny how few people on the east cast believes we get them. There's no real "season" for them, but they do hit and they hit big.

Take care and be safe.

Roger said...

wow! Hold on Katherine!!!

Misty Dawn said...

WOW! That looks like one helluva storm! Stay safe, my friend! I'll be thinking of you!