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03 November 2008

manic monday with mo ~ colorful

It has been forever since I played Manic Monday with Mo.  However the theme this week is "Colorful"...and I had some photos I've been wanting to post.

Weekend before last I was enjoying a few days of respite in the central valley.  After church on Sunday, The Teamster thought it'd be nice to head out on the bike to see if we could find some Fall Colors.



In our part of California we don't get very many trees with leaves that change colors...a few here and there interspersed with the redwoods, pines and firs. We do however, enjoy an amazing Indian Summer.

We stopped for lunch at the Black Oak Casino's Mill Creek Sports Bar.  Didn't do much gambling...but wanted to catch the end of the NASCAR race and Forty-Niner game.

After lunch we continued our beautiful ride . At one roadside stop in the late afternoon, The Teamster wondered if he should just call in sick on Monday, so that we could ride through the Sierras up over Sonora Pass. I must admit I encouraged him.



The Sonora Pass with an elevation of 9,624 feet (that's 2,933 meters for ILTV and David) is the second highest roadway pass through the Sierra Nevada range.  It is extremely steep (a 26% grade at some points) and very narrow.  Every couple of feet they are are warning you about something.

sonora pass c

sonora pass a

We had just about nothing with us to accommodate an overnight trip....except four pairs of glasses, a couple of cameras, two cell phones...and a laptop.   No toothbrush or hairbrush or change of clothing.  Thankfully The Teamster had stowed the chaps in the saddlebag...cause it got a little cold on the eastern side of the Sierras.



My cousin Jamie saw this picture of our ride and said:

"Nice Pict! I guess Desert Brown is a fall color.
It's probably also the summer color there as well."

What does he know?  He's spent the better part of his adult life catapulting off some carrier and has just chosen to settle down in the garden spot of Wichita for crying out loud.


About nightfall we came to Topaz Lake and started looking for a place to stay....see that tiny red dot?   Topaz Lodge !

I highly recommend this little spot.  Friendly and helpful.  Very affordable and fun. Good food. Comfortable rooms. The only draw back is that the area has only a single cell tower and it's for Nextel.  Since we are AT&T and Verizon customers neither of our cellphones or the laptop had service. sheesh. We had to use the room phone to call in sick and notify family and friends. (When extending a motorcycle ride its a good idea to let people know....especially when they can't get through on either cell phone...or instant message...those search and rescue guys don't appreciate false alarms)

We had a very enjoyable..rather old fashion...evening.

Topaz Lake is closed for the winter...but when open is an amazing place to fish!

colors08 colors09

Once it warmed up just a little we started our trek back home....this time via Highway 89 and up over Monitor Pass (only 8,314 feet in elevation).







I am very happy we took this trip when we did....I heard the storms of the past few days will close both Sonora and Monitor passes until the Spring.




We stopped for a gluten free lunch at Mel's....
but she wasn't there...sigh....



while you are humming  "on the road again....
I just can't wait to get on the road again....."
go visit  Mo's other colorful Maniacs....


Sandee (Comedy +) said...

I've traveled all those places and they are indeed beautiful year round. Well some you can't get to in the winter unless you have a snow mobile. Looks like a great time had by the two of you. Wonderful.

Have a great day. Big hug to you and Teamster. :)

Desert Songbird said...

Lovely, lovely, lovely. Thanks for lettings us "tag along." All without getting cold!

Linda said...

Oh sure, make me homesick for the Sierra Nevadas, some of my very favorite places in California!

Looks like you had a fantastic time and a wonderful adventure. Love those spur-of-the-minute trips and I'm sure it was more than worth calling out sick for and then some.

Sigh ... I miss the West Coast sometimes, I really do!

Anonymous said...

Very nice!! Nothing like a little road trip every now and again. C:)

Travis said...

I love that drive. I've taken it several times in my Wrangler.

Mel said...


I'm gonna go for another ride with youse two soon as I'm done with fingers to the keyboard.

Silly diner shouldn't have buns on the burgers if they're spoutin' gluten free.....*muttering* Maybe they're gluten free buns? *mumbling*

k...can ya tell I'm still grumblin' about all that?

Oh, but it's a lovely photo of you and the teamster--and the colours are fantastic. It all looks so very good on the both of you.
(thinkin' I need to con my buddy into a bike ride some time soon--before the snow flies....which is suppose to be sometime this week.....which means I've waited too flippin' long....RAWR!!)

*happy sigh*
Oh, but what a gorgeous, peacefilled look about you got.
Forgive the envy?

((((((((( katherine )))))))))))

Mel said...

I'm so proud of you for playing hooky. :-)

Bond said...

Fantastic post...

Great pictures...

Thanks for sharing with us all and excellent choice taking a day off to extend your trip

Mr Coppens said...

That is awesome. I weaved my way through the mountains in British Columbia this summer. As a true Flatlander I was so amazed at how much even a little elevation changes your psyche and once I hit the mountains..WHAM!

Gorgeous pictures of a great outting.

Head out on the highway
duh duh duh-duh-duh-duh-duh
Lookin' for adventure
duh duh duh-duh-duh-duh-duh

Matt-Man said...

Great pictures, Kat. But I keep being drawn to picturing that Slippery When Wet sign and you. Cheers!!

katherine. said...

Sandee: as when I see familiar places thru your eyes...

DS: anytime...come out and tag along in

Linda: and California misses you! Spontaneous is very good.

CA: I could do one every week!

Trav: I was looking at a wrangler last week...I've never had a jeep before....rumor has it I would have to get a Golden too???

Mel: you and the Brit take some great jaunts (jaunt...cause of the I'll let up on he gluten thing...okay...I will TRY to let up on the gluten thing. The Teamster thinks it is a lovely picture of the BIKE...I don't know if he saw us in there. There is a great deal more I envy about

Bond: those Teamster guys got a great gig I am tellin' ya. (And a great rig too....laughing....)

Donn: British Columbia is one the most beautful places I have ever been. (You were rockin'out while typing the song weren't ya???)

Mateo: HA! You shold see the looks on peoples faces when I answer theIR stupid ass question!!

Mags said...

Pretty pictures! I can almost feel the wind on my face. :)

Marilyn said...

I was born in Wichita and I can attest to the fact that brown is pretty much a year-round color there.

Looks like you had a great time. :)

Mel said...

k.....I doublechecked.

He's right.
It IS an awesome photo of the BIKE.


we're doomed said...

Your pictures remind me of my families trip to Donnor's pass this summer. What wonderful country to take a bike ride through.

I, like the view said...


how wonderful

you are so very very lucky!

as are we, for you sharing this one. . .


I don't do m by the way - I still do feet and inches (imperial was tossed out in my final year at primary school, by which time ' and "es were very firmly embedded in my brain) - but thanks for the translation

can't wait for the next time you play hooky!