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18 January 2010

Mountain Home-ward Bound

Yesterday morning, I started a post contemplating a little train trip from California to Indiana.

I’m working on converting a whole slew of 35mm slides to digital. It would be a rather expensive project.  Unless I do it in Indiana.  In Indiana,  I can do it for free.

However….that is now on the back burner.

Yesterday morning the Teamster decided at the last minute…at the very last minute…to make a quick road trip to Mountain Home, Idaho.  Almost 800 miles, through Sacramento, Reno, Winnemucca, a bunch of nothing Oregon, and Boise.

The plan came together in about an hour.  I had to find some shoes that aren’t sandals. Dig out some sweaters.  And gather electrical cords.  (The number of cords we travel with is absolutely ridiculous.) Throw it all into a suitcase, and head to The Teamster’s house to get his stuff.  And chains for the car.

We’d been hearing for a week that northern California was about to be hit with a series of significant storms.  I pulled up the NOAA National Weather Service to track the next 24 hours.  It looked pretty bad.
DSC_0235 - Copy
By leaving last night we missed most of the really harsh conditions going over Donner Pass. Just as we left a little bit of a rainbow appeared.  I decided it was a sign….an encouraging sign…

The laptop continued to give us weather data and the CalTrans page had constant updates on road conditions.   We did have to chain up for about 35 miles. 


Welllllll….not so much “we” per se. I sat in the car…fully prepared to jump out if needed.  Apparently the “cables” are much easier to install than the old fashion  “chains.” 

We drove as far as Reno, Nevada.   As we came down Donner, I fired up the laptop and did a hotel search.  “Circus Circus” had a internet special for $40 in the Sky Tower. 

It would have been a great deal…except we both left a twenty on the table…he at blackjack and me at roulette.   

We also enjoyed a quick floor show.






Back on the road this morning….Interstate 80 east…long, flat, empty, and no weather issues.

Gonna stop in Winnemucca.  Try to find that old casino with the Indian out front.  Channel Opal Lee.  Might go all the way to Mountain Home today…or we just may stay in Boise and arrive in Mountain Home tomorrow.

What’s in Mountain Home, Idaho you ask?

Something pretty darn special….tomorrow night…
The Teamster’s son, SPY returns from Afghanistan !!

Much to be thankful for…


I, Like The View said...

ok, so this is one journey when the destination is as important as the journey! (or however that saying goes. . .)

really enjoyed joining you on your trip - thanks


(ps, don't forget your Secret Santa boots next timne you need shoes that aren't sandals. . .)

Bobbie said...

Katherine... sounds like you had fun along the way. Glad you made it safe and sound.

Sierra Snow Soaps said...

Yeah SPY!
We drove home in that mess on Sunday night.
Michelle in NV

Mel said... first thought was 'ARE YOU NUTZ!!'.

I now think differently.
And I'm grateful....hugely grateful.

(((((((( katherine )))))))))

Hug him tightly.
Both of 'em.

Spadoman said...

Well worth the trip! "Welcome home Spy, and thanks for your service"


Travis said...

Well that's a great reason for a hastily planned road trip!

Desert Songbird said...

I know darn well what's in Mountain Home - a really large air force base! I'd say a last minute trip there to welcome home a brave warrior is an excellent reason to brave treacherous weather.

Glad you made it safely. The photos on FB really give those who are unfamiliar with the West a taste of the roads out here.

Mags said...

I am SO happy that Spy is coming home!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Teamster said...

nice post plus an accurate description of the planning...the technology available is be able to drive with the laptop on with an image of radar as most recent as an hour away is helpful...

spy just called my cell phone from Maine..he sounded happy to be back on U.S soil..don't tell him we're in idaho...

and I have a list of hugs to give him....

Sandee said...

Excellent Katherine. I'm so happy for the both of you. Happy for the whole family. What a surprise this is going to be. Can't wait to read that post.

Have a safe trip. I've traveled every road you've taken thus far. Big hugs to you both. :)

Bond said...

Excellent opportunity for a road trip indeed...

Travel safe, have fun and stop giving the casinos your money!

Linda said...

As soon as I saw on Facebook that you were heading to Idaho, I knew why! What better reason for an impromptu roadtrip? NONE!

I remember going over Donner Pass once on the back of a tow truck as a friend and I were heading to Reno for the weekend and a freak storm popped up. We couldn't go back and going forward was impossible until a tow truck came by and Bill waved him down. What a trip! Too bad I wasn't blogging back in 1985, it would have made a heck of a post - especially if I'd had a camera with me!

I'd say you still made out pretty good in Reno if you only left $40 at the tables. I can't go to Circus Circus (though Bill and I stayed there once on another trip) as the whole clown thing just freaks me out!

Continue to have a safe trip - can't wait for pictures of the homecoming. Please tell the Teamster's son thank you for his service from me - sincerely!

katherine. said...

ILTV: I could have so used those boots! The destination was very important.

Bobbie: we do have fun along the way!

Michelle: we'll hit a bit on the way back...but its clear here today!

Mel: we are nutz....but I've hugged them both!

spado: thank you much.

Travis: for two people who tend to over plan, it was VERY hasty.

DS: smile. of course you would know!! Thank you. The country here is amazing.

katherine. said...

Mags: THANKS...we are too.

Teamster: your hug was the most important to him!

Sandee: His entire family is thrilled and thankful. SPY was very was great.

Bond: I've stopped gambling for this trip.

Linda: you have so much history should just move Thanks.

Mimi Lenox said...

OK. This is the second chill you've given me this cold snowy morning in Bloggingham. "I've got a list of hugs to give him."

Mimi Lenox said...

Oh, and Kat...maybe you should stop gambling. Just sayin...