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31 March 2008

from the back of the bike ~ The Delta

When all the forces of the Universe align (weather, kids' schedules, et cetera) we seize the opportunity to head out on the bike. I am a bit of a rookie at this whole Harley gig...but I got special gloves for my birthday and special boots for Valentines hey...let's ride.

This weekend we went to The Delta. On previous rides I have neglected to take my camera...or it has been locked away in some compartment. I hesitate to make the "pull over hand signal" every time (every half mile) some sight catches my eye. This time I decided to sling my camera around my neck and try to take a few shots as we rode.

Taking pictures from a moving vehicle (car, truck, plane) is not easy for me to begin with. I am a well known klutz. Wearing thick leather gloves...peering through a full facemask helmet....the wind buffeting my camera...and trying to maintain a low level of movement on the back of a motorcycle adds to the challenge.

In this part of the state there are several "wind farms" with large windmills harvesting energy to provide an alternative source of electricity. They are somewhat controversial...for many reasons. Only recently have I spent any time around them...and the concept fascinates me. Look for more in a post to come.

We try to stay on the backroads when we can. The scenery is far superior. The stupid drivers are far fewer.

California has an amazing agricultural capacity. Farms, ranches, orchards, and fields are everywhere.

The Delta is an excellent water sport destination. I took many photos of people in their boats fishing...most are a furry blur. As we rode into the afternoon....I found myself wondering if any of my blogworld friends were out on their boats?

We stopped in the community of Isleton to eat lunch at this great place which dates back to the 1930's.

I am looking forward to the warm weather and many more rides. Maybe I'll even learn to use the camera while in motion!


Mags said...

Maybe it's just me-but I think you take fabulous pictures while in motion. Holy COW Katherine!! I especially like the first one.

The 2nd one's cool too.

Travis said...

I've taken plenty of drives on the back roads around the Delta. None on a bike, but some in a wide open Jeep Wrangler.

I think your pictures came out pretty good.

The Teamster said...

it was a great day for a ride....perfect weather and a wonderful passenger...

the first picture impresses me the most....note the steel grated surface on the bridge...although the bike was unsettled on the grooves...the camera was still...

can't wait for rides up and down the coast...


Jeff B said...

I'm more of a four wheel kind of guy only because I SUCK at riding motorcycles.

Nice pictures, I think the first one on the bridge is my favorite.

Linda said...

For a supposed novice at taking pictures from the back of a bike with leather gloves on, I think you do fantastically well! I really, really like the first two as they most definitely remind me of the times I've been in the Delta myself - long ago and in another lifetime!

Looking forward to more pictures!

katherine. said...

Mags: I especially liked the first one as well thanks...funny it was just about the last one I took.

Travis: thanks. there were a ton more that I deleted...jeeps are fun too!

Thanks babe...I had a great time!

Jeff: Maybe Lisa could drive and you could take the pictures?

Linda: the gloves made my finger bigger than the button. That day we were actually talking about mexican places in

Two of you from out of state have made that same trip....that's kinda cool...

david mcmahon said...

Katherine, way-hay, you're back!!

The first picture is really compelling and the second is sheer art!

And the last one, of the lobster - was that an escape clause?!!

anthonynorth said...

A touch of mystical biking. I like it - and great pictures.

Mel said...


Personally like the lobstery dude on the bricks.
But ya know me---gimme chalk and paints and a surface to colour on and I'm a happy woman!

She's back!
She's back!

(obviously you've been missed.....)

(((((( katherine )))))))

Turnbaby said...

I appreciate the first pic but the second one?? that one makes me want to blow it up and put it on a wall. Amazing catch.

Odat said...

Bout time!!! lol.

I like the first pic too....I've always wanted to ride!!! Maybe I will now.....


Ian Thomas Healy said...

For snapping pictures from the back of a moving motorcycle, these look just fine. It almost makes me want to get a bike. Almost. I just can't get past the idea of not having four wheels underneath me. I'd go for a road trip, as is my wont, but I just can't afford the extra fuel anymore. Stupid economy. Looks like you had a great time though!


Matt-Man said...

The diner has all the looks of a great place to eat. Wunnerful pics Kat. Cheers!!

Desert Songbird said...

Welcome back! Did you get your new computer?

Nice ride. Hubby wants a bike. I said, " Not happening, Mr. Dad of Young Kids and Wife Who Needs You."

Shoot me - I'm selfish.

Great pics, K.

Anonymous said...


Sandee (Comedy +) said...

While you were having lunch I was about 10 minutes away from you. Isleton is just down the road so to speak. Too bad I didn't know. I would have ask to join you for lunch. I love Isleton Joe's. Have a great day Katherine. :)

Roger said...

Awesome that is so cool taking photos from a Harley! Very good photos, glad you have the nice weather to get out and ride!!

david mcmahon said...

Those first two pictures are looking even better today!!

katherine. said...

david: it's good to be back...and yes...I always have an escape...with or without "clause"

anthony: mystical biking...I like that

mel: smile...thank you my friend
colo-u-r? converted you are

turn: thanks....I had taken a bunch which didn't work...or had other cars in them.

odat: lots of women ride...I think you need to be taller than I am or you have to ride a little

katherine. said...

ian: when your kids get older the rules (and the finances)

mateo: you would have enjoyed that place for sure

DS: oh I did...I should post about it...As I said to Ian...when you have younger children your priorities should be different. And I don't have a wife. smile.

Craig: k:)

Sandi: Truth be known it was you I thought of when wondering if any of my blog friends were out fishing! The next time we think we are heading to the Delta I'll let you would be GREAT fun.

Rodger: we are blessed with a beautiful place to live...but it will be storming tomorrow.

David: thank you again kind sir!

Bond said...

Nice pictures...they did come out nice...and besides that WE HAVE A POST HERE!!!!!!


Dalva said...

Great work.