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02 August 2008

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot ~ Operation Aborted

Internet Explorer CANNOT open the site

Operation Aborted

Last night while hanging out with my Mama I had the time to take on some LOOOOOONG overdue catchup on my Reader. (HUNDREDS of unread postings)  Time and again that Operation Aborted error window popped up and shut down the weblog I was trying to read.  WTF?  It went from worrisome to highly annoying.  But what really ticked me off was when I couldn't access MY OWN site.  Oh geez. (apparently Miz Mel was having the same sorta

A little troubleshooting, deleting of cookies, temp files and search history brought NO relief.  I finally thought to cruise by the IE user boards...and right there at the top...a whole slew of folks having the same problem.

Seems SiteMeter made some upgrade which IE won't accept. A quick trip to the dashboard to remove the little script with their logo and counter fixed me up just fine.

There were at least a dozen or so others of my faves I couldn't get to last night. Most of them I could access thru Reader...but couldn't comment. Which is probably okay was I wasn't exactly feeling too clever last night.

I am sure eventually Site Meter will fix the bug...and all will be copasetic once again. (and yeah....I know I could have tried another browser....whatever)


Mimi Lenox said...

I wish you had cruised by the castle. It would have saved you some time. I posted about it after some pencil skirt detective work. Removed my sitemeter too and all is well. Apparently, Sitemeter had some sort of nervous breakdown.

The trouble is there are lots of folks I can't get to because they still have the code on their sites and have no idea people can't view them in IE. It was all over the Blogger help boards too. Naturally people thought it was connected to Blogger's big snafu over spam blogs this week (for which they are now profusely apologizing). Sandee, Linda and Sarge (finally) have been unlocked.

I still can't get to some of my favorite blogs this morning but at least I can see my own. And yours!

Have a good Saturday.

I pay for Sitemeter. Wonder if they'll give me a refund? Fat chance..

Lumo said...

Several methods to cure the IE crash bug (click!) with Sitemeter, without removing it, plus an explanation of the cause.

Santa Cruz - great, I've spent 6 months over there.

Linda said...

Callie Ann said that she uploaded the latest Windows Upgrade Pack and has had no problems since.

I use Mozilla rather than IE so thankfully had no issues at all in getting to other people's blogs. Once my own blog was unlocked I was much happier, though!

Dianne said...

I didn't go online last night but had the same problem all morning.

I was halfway into trying to figure it out - or just have a morning cocktail - when I guess the problem was solved on its own

funny little world this internet thing ;)

Mel said...


<--still having the issue with some of the weblogs she frequents.


(((((((( katherine )))))))))))

Wish I'da thought to amdend the naughty word that came outta my mouth to 'whiskey tango foxtrot!'...LOL
Got 'that look' from himself....LOL

I, like the view said...

hugs for your granpa katherine

hugs for you

thanks for your time and all your thoughts. . .

. . .don't have a scanner no more so can't show you the sketches



really glad you came visiting



Ian said...

Why don't ya use Firefox? All the cool kids are doing it. Or even Opera. Anything is better than Infernal Explorer. :)


david mcmahon said...

Hi Katherine,

After I struck the problem I used Firefox while the Blogger and Site Meter boffins worked on the problem.

In answer to your comment, yes we were in Malaysia for 10 days and it was wonderful chillling by the beach in Langkawi .....

Donnnnn said...

That was so annoying. I figured that some disgruntled hacker whom I had either inadvertently or blatantly and intentionally insulted (with malice aforethought)planted a virus to get even...

but I could open a few other sites..
so then I tried to formulate a viable scenario...
all of the afflicted bloggers must have shared a common denominator..
what was it? Hmm?

Then I upgraded the browser, defragmented, scrubbed the hard drive and tried again...NOTHING!
Crap. So I did what any reasonable pessimist would do I just turned the bloody thing off and went to bed...this morning it worked.

It's like MAGIC!

Mo said...

A stressful week in the blogosphere!
Hope you have a great weekend!

storyteller said...

I’m hoping SiteMeter’s changes won’t affect Mozilla Firefox similarly. You’re not the only blogger frustrated with IE today.
Hugs and blessings,

Travis said...

I had trouble on Friday, but so far so good today.

Jeff B said...

Good ole' technology. . . ain't it just grand?

crazy working mom said...

No problems on my end either...but I use Firefox, thank goodness. :)

Hope all of your IE problems are fixed quickly.

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

Wow, first the spambots and then sitemeter too? Yikes. I'm glad I was boating. I gave up IE long ago. Firefox3 rocks. Just saying. Have a great day Katherine. :)

Matt-Man said...

I got that message on your site and Jay's Friday or Saturday night, but all is well now. Cheers Leather Girl!!

Bond said...

I am one of the cool kids... LOL

I have to use IE for a few sites I use and I cringe when I open it....

Hope they get it all straightened out soon.

I, like the view said...

looking forward to when it's all up and running again. . .


Desert Songbird said...

Sheesh. I've been hearing about all sorts of problems lately. Seems like it was a good time for me to be on vacation!

I've had several Whiskey Tango Foxtrot moments of late. Must be contagious...