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31 July 2008

The Needs Meme... and something about a corset.

I have absolutely no time…NO TIME…to be sweltering in the dungeon of Mimi the Queen of Meme’s.  So…I’m gonna honor this tag while waiting for chinese food to be delivered by my darling daughter.  (how is it that this child spends five weeks in Mexico…and still won’t dine at a tacqueria?  aye yi yi…)

corsetHer royal highness Queen Mimi swiped this meme from Shannon's Moments of Introspection who got it from Dawn's Daily Life who got it from... I dunno…someone else….the Queen’s unmentionables were pinching too tightly to give us additional details. 

My brain is too fried to figure out why it is called the “Someone get me out of this Corset meme”  (Mimi? little help here…girl?)

The rules: All you have to do is Google your first name with the word needs behind it and post the results. You’re suppose to tag…IF you are the tagging sort…where I live tagging involves a big wall and half a dozen cans of spray paint…sooooo I’ll pass on tagging…

Apparently most of the katherines who need something that Google links to are:  katherine heigl who plays Izzie on “Grey’s Anatomy”…some story line on “The Young and The Restless”  ... a contestant on “American Idol”...and a town called Lake Katherine.

katherine needs some rules to follow
(ah…no…I don’t think so...thankyouverymuch)

katherine needs another coat
I most certainly do…
I have coats and jackets like other women have shoes)

katherine needs another cocktail

katherine needs to learn how to pass notes
(I got sent to the principal in second grade for passing notes… nowadays it must be texting?)

katherine needs prayer.
(you have no idea…I am in desperate need of prayer these days)

katherine needs help making a budget summary.
(actually it is pretty easy to summarize nothing)

katherine needs to win.
(at SOMEthing… while playing for keeps)

katherine needs a first mate.
(as God intended)

katherine needs to think long and hard about this.
(actually that is part of the problem…
I think too hard and too long about too much)

katherine needs to get over herself...
and stop biting the hand that feeds her
(hmmm…gosh…I hope if there was a hand…I wouldn’t bite it….)

katherine updated katherine’s needs.
(actually I recently did just do exactly that)

What katherine needs more than anything else is a friend.
(a true friend who can be trusted)

katherine needs to get off the morphine.
(this katherine is violently allergic to that stuff)

katherine needs to get it together.
(workin’ on this one….really I am)

katherine needs help with building benches, boardwalks, bridges and more.
(curious….there might actually be something to this....)


Linda said...

Katherine did a very fine job on this meme!

I got tagged for it myself (as apparently did a WHOLE lot of other people as I have seen in my travels but that's what the Queen of Memes does with memes, I guess!) but I can't do it right now as Google has locked my blog as their spam-bots apparently have detected that my blog has characteristics of a spam blog. You gotta be kidding me ...

Anyhow, I have submitted a request for a human to review my blog so that they can unlock the darned thing and I can continue my non-spam blogging. In the meantime, I can't touch the thing from my dashboard and won't be able to do anything with it for at least two business days, provided they don't decide that the spam-bots were right and they delete my whole blog. Which would be bad ... very, very bad!

Translated, though, I guess this all means that the Queen shall have to wait for her meme!

Hope life in California is treating you well - as it should be!

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

Great job Katherine. I love your side notes. You are a hoot.

I too got my blog locked down for the same reason as Linda. What the heck. I know I'm a link love nut, but a spammer? Hello.

Have a great day. Big hug. :)

Mimi Lenox said...

All this blog locking is not looking good here. Two people in one day? Linda and Sandee spammers?
The "robots" are seriously mistaken. I hope they get it resolved soon.

As for you and this meme. That is the fastest I have ever seen you complete a meme! You must really hate dungeons eh? And just when I was about to install a hot soon as I get out of these unmentionables.

Anonymous said...

When I google "craig needs" I get a long list of things about Sen. Larry Craig. I don't NEED to go there. C:)

Mags said...

I love these-only when I do them, my answers are always lame. Which is why I never post them. The first one is "Maggie needs an alibi" But I'm not nearly bad enough to really need one. *shrug*

Matt-Man said...

I've never had morpheine. You are so lucky. Nice to see ya back, and I hope you are doing well, Kat. Cheers!!

Mel said...

I can get in! I can get in!

Seriously couldn't get into the weblog last night and was NOT a happy bunny.

Just sayin'.....

Right. *googling*
Mel needs help.
Mel needs to focus on herself and heal.
Mel needs less passion for the spirit.

LOL Right off the bat, I'm pegged!

Course ya know--all those are about Mel Gibson's tangle with alcohol.
Oh, c' appropriate is that!?!

Welcome back--I do hope the chinese food was good.

Travis said...

You need a cocktail, and I need another beer. Hmmmm. I sense a pattern of coincidence building here.

Desert Songbird said...

I haven't done this one yet (still catching up). I can agree with you on some of the things that I need. Or maybe it's just want...