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02 July 2008

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

Far too many things have gotten to me lately.
Upset me.
Angered me.
Incensed me.
Outraged me.
Incredulated me

Most of the stuff I can do nothing about...
but is getting to me.

I realize I have very little personal bandwidth available. I got a lot going on.  Three people whom I love very dearly are lined up on the tarmac getting ready to take off into the next life.  I can't find the type of job that ignites my interest...truth of the matter, I don't even know what it would be.  Someone I care about has gotten so caught up in their hurt...and their fear of hurt....that they have become detrimental.  And while I encouraged and enabled them to go...both my girls are immersing themselves in the language and culture of Mexico....for FIVE weeks. 

I need to vent every now and then...well...maybe more often than that. For the next few and on...I'm gonna use this little weblog as an outlet for my outrage and create a series of posts I fondly think of as:

               "What-The-Fuck? Thursday"

Not wanting to constantly offend my gentle readers (and 'cause
 WTF strikes me as wimpy) ...I oh-so-cleverly revert to pilot-speak:

 Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

the color scheme is no accident...or Independence Day theme...a lot of what is ticking me off has to do with the country, our politics and the presidential cetera.

My readers are a vastly different lot...and rather intelligent.
Perhaps it will get interesting...

(I just know The Teamster read the title and thought: "cool....if I buy her a Jack or two....we can go dancing this weekend..." )


Desert Songbird said...

I've been known to utter several Whiskey Tango Foxtrots a day. Lately, my life has been nicely boring and sedate, but I think I've earned it after the past several months.

Cut yourself a break, Katherine, and vent all you need.

And have a vodka. It might help. *grin*

Marilyn said...

Can I join? It could be a weekly meme. I have a lot to rant about lately too.

I'm sorry things are Foxtrotted-up for you lately.

Mags said...

Oh yes-we all need a Whiskey Tango Foxtrot every now and then. Use yours as much as you need to. We'll listen. :)

Anonymous said...

Whiskey first, then Tango, and if we are still up for it... Foxtrot. C:)

Travis said...

Ahhhh...I envision quite the lively comments section.

I am sorry you're struggling. Let it loose I say! Bring it on and let the chips fall where they may.

Mel said...

k.......I snickered when I saw the title. And I was pretty sure it had nothing to do with Jack and dancin'....LOL

Rant all you need to--I tend to whine and kvetch and carry on come Wednesdays. LOL Me and my Wednesday Whine.....I could do back to back--NO problem!

Sounds like a plate full.
Sounds like a whole lotta 'tear at your heart' kinda stuff....on top of other stuff.....on top of MORE other stuff.

<--doesn't always LIKE that which she cannot control (even though she realizes it's only her and her attitude she GETS to control) but has learned the 'kvetch three times' rule.
Sometimes (don't tell!) I forget to then LET GO.

<--notorious for hanging on to things she needs to let go of and letting go of things she needs to be hangin' on to (but you knew that.....)

((((((((( katherine )))))))))))

*sending prayers and positive, peacefilled thoughts*

Jeff B said...

What's your vector Victor?

I'll pull up my big boy pants and wait for the venting to begin.

The Teamster said...

i actually like what the's has more emotion than whiskey fox trot...wasn't it you that told me that Jack is a bourbon not a whiskey and we west coast swing, not fox trot..

I recommend naming it "what the fuck" thursday....

Linda said...

First off - you going dancing?

And I may just join in with you on this one as there are an awful lot of things that make me mutter whiskey tango foxtrot myself!

However, I have to agree with The Teamster on this one ... if what you really mean is WHAT THE FUCK? then I say you go with the WHAT THE FUCK? and your readers will not be offended - they will understand completely. If you're going to vent, my dear, vent all the way!

I, like the view, still said...

wassa "Jack"?


I'm not offended by anything you write, I find it all fascinating - just wish I made it over here a little more often (gotten a bit bogged down in my own stuff recently - apologies, but it don't mean I don't appreciate your visiting me)

I, like the view, still said...

oh! der. . .

now I've read the comments, I see you're referring to whisky

if I ever drink it (which isn't often, cos I'm not a big drinker) I like mine on ice, in one of those chunky glasses, lots of ice, and the whisky swirling around clinking


(ECT induced brain damage means I can't remember the brand, but I know the label could be either a red label or a black label. . . whatever kind of whisky that is)(I like the black)(I think)(I once bought a little set of tester bottles of Scottish whisky, from seven or eight distilleries from the East coast to the West coast - you could taste the seaweed in the West coast ones, really rough, and the East coast ones were heathery and soft by comparison)


I, like the view, still said...

oh, and yeay to WTF's of any colourway