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18 July 2008

this week's vocabulary list









for the past week my Mama has been battling on several fronts...a team of no fewer than 15 doctors have run her through a battery of tests to figure out the myriad of causes resulting in a whole slew of attacks that converged on her tiny frame all at the same time. 

have I ever mentioned how much I hate hanging out in hospitals ?
especially ones with NO internet access????


Hammer said...

Damn. thats a lot of docs..As always I send my best to you and yours.

Bond said...

Katherine...I will say a prayer for mom...Hope it all gets better soon

Travis said...

Best wishes for your mom.

Dianne said...

Damn that is a scary vocabulary list!

My best to your Mom.

hang in there while waiting, I know how hard it can be.

Desert Songbird said...

Those are all words with which I am, unfortunately, very familiar, particularly pulmonary, gastroenterology, and cardiology.


So sorry for your mother's troubles. Hospitals suck.

Jeff B said...

No one should have that many "ology's" to deal with at one time.

Hope they figure it out soon.

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

I don't like hanging around in hospitals either. I hope mama gets better soon. Good thoughts and prayers on their way. Big hug. :)

The Teamster said...

you need one of those fancy att internet cell thingamajigs...

Mel said...


I absolutely despise the ology's of the disease.

And I despise what it does to whole families.


<--gonna have a yak at the big guy over this one

(((((((( the mom )))))))))))

(((((((((( katherine )))))))))))

I'm glad she has you.