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05 December 2008

cookie monsters

Today begins our annual three day Christmas Cookie baking extravaganza.  Some of you may remember the pictures from last year (if not, here ya go....)

We doin' it a little low key this year.  We are only making five different types of cookies and only four different flavors of tarts.

I will admit it is expensive to buy all of the ingredients.  I wonder if my prominent product placement would qualify me for one of those sponsored posts some of you make coin with?

2008 cookies 004a

With kids who have their own lives and jobs...finding a weekend in December when everyone can get here is sometimes a scheduling nightmare. (okay...since SugarCookie reads this blog upon occasion...I will admit that I am gonna be away a couple weekends...) 

The oldest arrived last night...finished the supply shopping and first thing this morning started mxin' with her GammerKay.
2008 cookies 003a(the BearCub texted me at 7:30 am sayin' he was coming over when he finished pouring concrete...Little Missy works graveyard and is going through one of her phases...)

okay...gotta get back to it.
mas tardes.


Linda said...

Looks to me like the good folks over at C&H should throw some Christmas Cash your way as you obviously threw some theirs!

Have a great time and eat a couple cookies for me (no one will notice, right?!?)!

Travis said...

We might do some baking this holiday season. Thanks for the inspiration.

Mel said...


Yup......scheduling nightmare and all.......WORTH IT!


(((((( GammerKay ))))))))

Can we have sugar cookies again, please?
Can't eat 'em but CAN put 'em on the tree.
Just sayin'........

Mel said...


Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens.....
Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens....
Bright paper packages tied up with string
These are a few of my favorite things....


Desert Songbird said...

You DID remember that I slipped you that cash to send some to me, right?


Anndi said...

MMMMMM cookies!

If Jeff visits and sees Mel's comment he'll keel over.

The Teamster said...

do i get some? you going to save some for me on thursday?

Mel said...

Are they done yet?
Are they done yet?!


crazy working mom said...

I hope you girls enjoy yourselves. I'd love to taste your hard work. :D

I think you should get some free stuff too, by the way.

Matt-Man said...

I have always liked a good, hot tart. Cheers Kat!!

david mcmahon said...

I'm the president of the Official Taste Test Committee.

I, Like The View said...

wanna swap recipes?

I have the best Christmas biscuit recipe ever! (it is Christmas biscuits you're making right. . .)

well, might not be the best, but it's right up there


Bond said...

A wonderful family tradition. Y'all have had a difficult year and I am so happy the tradition continued for you.

I am sure the weekend was sensational!

Starrlight said...

I just made cookies for our charity auction =) I forgot how zen like it is watching the mixer!~