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28 January 2009

the fam....

at the risk of becoming (oh horrors) a "mommy~blogger" here a couple pics of the family from my "49er Forever" pahtay.  I won't post pics of the other attendees out of respect for their personal

sugarcookie control and in charge.  She made delicious hors d'oeuvres and my all time very favorite cake... Chocolate Nut Loaf (my Gramma's recipe.)


Little Missy wore red and gold...but with her beau being a Raider fan couldn't quite wear 49er gear.

the cub 
The Bear Cub...who went out and bought a new shirt to wear cause he knew I'd notice....but neglected to actually read the invite which specified 49er Red and Gold. Probably the only family event I wouldn't complain about him wearing a jersey and he missed it....laughing.

My stepdad striking a pose...he brought out all of his Niner collector paraphernalia and autographed memorabilia. Way Cool.

the mag 
My was her first soiree in over six months.  She kept her bargain of not telling any katherine stories.  Praise God.


and of course....the photographer...a Ram fan...who had to chemically disinfect his body after wearing a 49er jersey...pobrecito....


Desert Songbird said...

Everybody looking good, especially your mother!

Hope you had a smashing good time for your birthday. You could easily shave at least 10 years off your age and get away with it.

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

You mom looks great. Your daughters are gorgeous. Not surprised, look at their mom.

The Teamster doesn't look any too happy wearing that Niner shirt for sure. Bwahahahahahaha. It was nice he did that for you though.

Have a terrific day. Big hug. :)

Mimi Lenox said...

Beautiful family.
It's good to see your mama smiling and having a nice time. The last picture is really funny. He looks like he's in a trance or something....not a happy camper. Bwaahahhha

Mel said...



I think I'm a wreck cuz of the circumstances surrounding me today and NOT cuz of the 49er jersey stuff goin' on.......

Leastwise I can hope so, huh.

Made me teary, yaknow?

((((((((((( the mom(s) )))))))))))

Ya'll are just gorgeous through and through. Every single last one of ya.

And that the teamster suited up and showed up....speaks volumes.

(I think I might like him bunches for that.)

Dana said...

Please! Anything but a mommy blogger!

I, Like The View said...

what a lovely get-to-gether!

I'm so glad you all had such a wonderful time, whether or not the dress code was stuck to


no photos of the birthday girl. . .

just askin'


very big hugs to both the moms, you and yours


Bond said...

Mom is looking good...

I laughed at the Teamster...he looks like he wants to light the jersey on fire!

Where is a picture of the youngster...the B-Day gal??? huh???

I might have to take you off my blog roll as I don't do mommy blogs...LOLOLOLOLOL

KIDDING! (about taking you off, not the mommy blogger thing)

The CEO said...

What a great family you have! I love your Mom, she looks fabulous.

It looks to me like you have it all! Congratulations!

Mel said...

And tonight I'm here to say how graced I am--and how graced you are.

(((((((((((( katherine ))))))))))))

Thank you for being one of my Earth Angels.

Jeff B said...

You got a Rams fan to wear 49ers garb?

Wow, you must have some sort of mind control powers.

Sanni said...

Everybody looks SO cool! I'm waving furiously at your Mom :-)

Have a great Sunday!

Matt-Man said...

The 49ers? Really? Well...any reason for a party, I guess. Cheers Kat!!

Travis said...

You got a Ram fan to wear a 49er jersey? You have the power.

david mcmahon said...

A very happy 50th to you, Katherine. What a special landmark for a special person.

Linda said...

You have an absolutely gorgeous family no matter what colors they may be wearing!

And I think that with kids as good-looking as yours, if you become a "mommy blogger" then I have no objections at all! Just don't become a "cat blogger" ... I'm not sure I could handle that!