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21 January 2009

Sawyer's Sugarpop

I'm heading out to a "Lost" party tonight. I have never been to a television show soiree before... except to watch the Academy Awards.

I was requested by the hosts to go online and obtain my very own nickname from Sawyer.


Sawyer calls me Sugarpop...sigh....

(go here and tell me what nickname Sawyer would call you !!)

I swiped this photo of Josh Holloway in "Lost" from  Out of respect for Mel the student in me did not post one of him unclothed...or in a love scene. But the stripper in me certainly wanted to...

I've never watched "Lost" on television...cause I find the multiple timeline, multiple storyline and ensemble cast too disjointed when jam packed with commercial breaks.

I have however, seen every episode of all four seasons via the digital versatile disc...more than once.  It really is rather well written...but I have no idea how the writers will explain it all. I hope they don't wimp out and have everyone wake up from a dream.


Mel said...


SHEENA?!! telling is THAT?!

*bowing humbly*

I do thank the student for her consideration. Choking on coffee on a fuzzy Thursday--notsuchagoodplan.
I AM surprised the, the otherone....didn't overrule and do it anyway cuz she COULD. *laughing*
GO FIGURE I got Sheena and you got Sugarpop.

katherine. said...

you are Sheena!?!

Sheena, Princess of Power!

twin sister of He-Man...Master of the Universe!

NOW I know how you get your strength!

sending warm thoughts for fuzzy Thursday!

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

Shaggy is my nickname. Shaggy? Oh well.

Have a terrific day and enjoy the much needed rain. :)

I, Like The View said...

I once saw an episode of Lost. . . I'll go do the test quiz thingy. . .

Bond said...

Hi, my name is RERUN

LOL but I look nothing like the character from Whats Happening! LOL

I love Lost...really enjoyed last nights episode and think the writers have a real treat in store for us this season.

Typically I TiVo the show and then zooooooom through the commercials

I almost fell over when AnnaLucia pulled Hurley over and said "What if I were real" !!!!!!

I, Like The View said...



I hope that means something to somebody?

someone once told me that Lost was pergatory (purgatory?)(my biblical spelling's not up to much!)

hey Katherine - send me the image and I'll post it!


Bond said...

LOL I did it again with Vinny Bond this time and now I am Chuckie

Homo Escapeons said...

Sometimes I regret abandoning LOST but they lost me from the getgo with that Polar Bear..come-on!
This show must be produced by the same people who made 10,000 BC...the encyclopedic ignorance of history so unselfishly displayed in that film made me twitch uncontrollably in the movie theatre.

I know I know it's fiction it's supposed to be fun and turn on your suspension of disbelief. Unless Monica Bellucci is written into the show, include me out.

Polar Bear sheesh in the tropics!

Mimi Lenox said...

Who is Sawyer?
I'm so behind....
I'm lost.

Travis said...

I gave up on Lost after the second season because it was just too much. But you make an interesting point about watching it on DVD without the commercial breaks. And without the long hiatus breaks.

Maybe I'll give that a try.

planetcity1 said...

Hi. I'm Sawyer's "Sunshine" . Hmmm... Not much of a stretch for a Florida gal...

The CEO said...

I am The Mighty Huntress.

He needs glasses