santa cruz wharf

12 February 2009

looking at the sky ~ the second

Here it is Friday already. 
What happened to this this week? 

Time again for
"Looking at the sky on Friday"

I took this a while ago during an amazing sunset on a rather crowded beach.  I finally got to a place with a clear shot, when this surfer walked in front of me.  I was rather annoyed until I saw how it turned out.

sky post 090213

click to enlarge...
but you may need your sunglasses
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Anonymous said...

Beautiful photo. It looks like a picture postcard.

Thank you for stopping by my blog the other day.

CJ xx

Mel said...

*contented sigh*

It's as it shoulda been. And perfectly so.

Thank you for the breath of sea air this morning.


Desert Songbird said...

The surfer adds the perfect finishing touch. Absolutely lovely.

Norm said...

love that pretty color of the sky, perfect shot!!

Anna said...

It's perfect! The surfer just adds to it.

I'm like you, though - always wanting people to get out of the way.

Linda said...

Definitely makes me do a little California dreamin'!

I'd have to say that surfer's timing was absolutely perfect because it couldn't be better if you had planned it that way.

Have a safe and lucky Friday the 13th!

Looking @ The Sky on Friday said...

I gotta admit that the surfer dude added that certain element to the photo. It is a beautiful shot! Very nicely captured. Thanks so much for sharing.

Happy Friday the 13th,

I, Like The View said...


that is almost too beautiful for words


<--- just gasping

thank you!

that's gorgeous

(you know how much I love skybluepink)

dadshouse said...

The surfer makes that pic! The sunset is great, and the surfer reminds me how small and insignificant man is in the grand scheme of things, yet how much a part we are just by being present. (Or something like that - my mind is already off on my white Tantra getaway this weekend!)

Bond said...

One word


Dana said...

That surfer dude hooked you up!

we're doomed said...

A great picture. How lucky you are to have had this beach and that sun for the picture. I suggest you have this picture printed as big as you can without losing the detail and have it mounted. This image will look fabulous on one of your walls.

Dianne said...

it came out great!

the reflection is astounding, the color is beautiful

storyteller said...

Lovely sunset view ... on my kind of beach.
Hugs and blessings,

Jeff W Bach said...

I think a thank you to the surfer is in order. Nice shot.

Tink *~*~* said...

As if it wasn't beautiful enough already, it's gotta go and repeat itself in the water. Stunning!

Which Way Do You Look?

The CEO said...

The surfer gives a sense of magnitude to a truly magnificent photo. Thank you

Matt-Man said...

Frickin' Beautiful. Cheers Kat!!