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22 March 2009

getting the perfect gig

I spent most of an entire day piecing together my resume.  It's time to return to the real world. Go back on the grid. Become a productive contributor to the gross national product.

Now I just gotta figure out what I want to do.
I need to be open to what the Big Guy intends for me to do.  

I realize to some that shouldn't be the foremost question. History shows for me that is absolutely the first thing to figure out.  When I don't like what I do...when I am not where I am suppose to be...I start little projects on the side.  I cause a little bit of trouble.  Many, Many people would be thankful to be able to secure a job...any job...right now.  And I may very well get to that point. 

It is probably one of the worst times in my adult life to try and step back into the job market.  Then again timing as never been my forte.  I have always been a little heavy footed...just a step or two off....(que the music

Have you ever been in a job interview where they ask you some question along the lines of:

"If you could work for any company in the whole world....which one would it be?"

My answer has ALWAYS been
ILM...Industrial Light and Magic. Typing the name alone makes me have to say it with a kind of giddy reverence...

Induuustrialllll Li(sigh)ght and Maaaagic.

Until recently ILM was located in an obscure city back off the main drag in a place called Skywalker Ranch...buried deep in the Redwoods. Not anymore.  Now they have this state-of-the-art amazing new campus...about a three minute walk from
HERE. Be still my heart.

When I told Sugar Cookie I was thinking about applying there she nodded knowingly and said "ahhh should."

When I told her that meant I would be working (and possibly) living in her neighborhood...she didn't look quite so enthusiastic. 

When I told Little Missy I was getting ready to go back to work...she asked "Where?" I told her "maybe ILM"  She looked at me over her taco and shrugged..."hasn't that been your dream?" 

But see....there is this other company. IJM.
International Justice Mission. I've been keeping my eye on them for over a year...they are doing some good work.  In a field that I feel very VERY strongly about. Found out last week that I may have a connection. They are located just over the river from HERE.

IJM is probably not as well known to most of you as ILM, although you may have seen their work on MSNBC Dateline...or
read about them in last January's edition of The New Yorker magazine.

IJM?    ILM?    IJM?   ILM?   

Or...maybe I could just flip burgers...


Travis said...

It's good to be in a position to choose. I say try both and see what happens.

The CEO said...

I have no doubts about the order that you are doing things in, or the way you are going about it. I think that you should procede in whatever manner makes you the mosr comfortable and make happen exactly what you want. You go girl!

Matt-Man said...

The WWE is always looking for hot female wrestlers, why not give them a shot? Why waste your talents on anything less? Good Luck no matter what, Kat. Cheers!!

Desert Songbird said...

At this stage in your life, why wouldn't you apply to both? If the ILM job comes through, it's a dream come true. If the IJM job comes through, then you get the chance to start life in a new place. Either way, you can't lose by taking the chance.

If neither come through, then the timing wasn't right and it wasn't meant to be.

I, Like The View said...

the very best of luck with your career prospects - I'm with the Songbird, apply to both and let them choose you!

and please keep thinking/sharing positive - it's infectious


Gene Bach said...

Jobs are tough these days but if you persist you make it happen. Hang in there and go for your dream!

Linda said...

I have to agree with Travis, apply to both and then see what happens. No sense in limiting your potential paths at this stage of the game, right?

It's important to like what you're doing, especially considering that a job is such a major part of people's lives. Dispatching may not be the ideal for a lot of people but I'm good at it and like it most days (though some days I could happily go screaming from the room!).

Good luck (or good providence) with whatever choice you make and just remember - all things happen for a reason!

Dana said...

Good luck with your search Kat!

Mel said...

" When I don't like what I do...when I am not where I am suppose to be...I start little projects on the side.
I cause a little bit of trouble. "


Gee.....sounds like someone I know....

I've no doubt you'll go for the gold--and honestly, they're both sounding golden to me.

May the best company take the prize!! :-)

Pretty up that resume and send it in to both. I wanna watch 'em squabble to get ya!

The Teamster said...

I'm with mel...when YOU aren't where you're suppose to cause a lot of trouble..(well..maybe that's not what she really said)..

good luck in this environment and i'm sure God will put you where HE wants you to be....

dadshouse said...

ILM rocks! What kind of work do you do? I was in 3D graphics for a decade. I had friends who worked at ILM, and Pixar, and PDI, and Disney, and... ah, memories. I was at SGI. I lunched one day at Skywalker Ranch, a table away from George Lucas. (Is shameless name dropping allowed on this blog?)

I say follow your dream.

Mimi Lenox said...

Sounds like your heart (and the Big Guy too maybe) is leading you in directions that make you feel all giddy? Awesome. You are so right about being "where you are supposed to be"...I've done it both ways. "Knowing" is the only way to go.

JohnH985 said...

Good luck on whichever one you chose. It's been awhile since I've been here, somehow I lost your spot on the blog, I remember visiting you very much before and now that I've found your site again I will continue to do so.

French Fancy said...

Good luck with the applications. It would be fabulous to work for ILM.

Congrats on POTD

lime said...

here via david's. congrats on POTD. i feel your pain for job hunting. i'm trying to renter the workforce as well for the first time in a looong time.

Cheffie-Mom said...

Hi, I'm over from David's blog. Congrats on POTD! Good luck!

introspection said...

Over from David's POTD. Congratulations for POTD, and great luck with job hunting/choice.

Sniffles and Smiles said...

Wonderful post!!!! You are gifted! Also, what fantastic dreams!!! I say, "Go for both, and see what the Big Guy says" :-) Congratulations on POTD! Love your writing style...and share your habit of using (...) Love it! Cheers!

Willow said...

I came via David McMahon's blog for POTD. Congrats to you!

I know IJM--been to their banquet in downtown LA, a couple of years ago I think. They do great work.

Good luck on your job search.

Indrani said...

Yours is a nice blog and I see you are an award winner too. Congrats! :)

David is doing a wonderful job connecting bloggers all over the world.