santa cruz wharf

25 March 2009

wordless wednesday ~ flores encantadoras



Sandee (Comedy +) said...

Spring, we are all so ready for spring. Beautiful.

Have a terrific day. Hugs to you and The Teamster. :)

Mel said...


Not even a bit of green shooting up from the ground.....
Not one.


I am not envious.
I am not envious.
I am NOT envious....

I lie soooooooo much....LOL

Matt-Man said...

Nice. We have them sprouting out here finally. Cheers Kat!!

The Teamster said...

it was a great day to be "sick"

Desert Songbird said...

So, so lovely. I wish I could have that spring feeling. It's already starting to seem like summer around here. Ick.

I, Like The View said...

for once we're in synch. . . I have a bunch of those in a vase on my kitchen windowsill!


Linda said...

I'm with Mel ... it seems we have a long wait before we get to see anything as nice as this out here. Of course, I could be wrong and they could be waiting just below the surface ready to pop out and surprise us at any moment ... please?!?

Bond said...


dadshouse said...


And how sad is this - it reminds me of the singing flowers in Fantasia. Or Small World. Or some Disney thing that is deeply burned in my memory banks.

But it is a beautiful pic.

katherine. said...

Sandee: we are spoiled aren't we? Nope not much!

Mel: that's okay...sometimes I envy your winter beauty and glorious autumn colors. I keep sayin'....visit the sis...turn right.

Mateo: well..if they are in Ohio they should be in Iowa pretty soon.....(hey Mel)

Teamster: it was the perfect mental health day!

DS: wow..that happens quick!

ILTV: now when I look at mine I will think of you looking at yours.

Linda: well... Connecticut is really far from maybe April? Hopefully before you come visit us in May!!

Bond: thanky

David: ya is a great date destination...this is the peak bloom week. Nice drive. Stroll thru Daffodil Hill.
(free admission) Stop for lunch on the way. (The Teamster impressed me with this little outing...)

Next time I'll post a field of poppies and you can channel Wizard of

Mel said...

<-- looked again today......


Not yet.


The CEO said...

the right bunch, the right color, nicely composed, gorgeus 'feel', very enticing, I like it a lot!

david mcmahon said...

That shot reminded me of the poem `Daffodils'.

You nailed the image. Beautiful work.