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03 September 2009

Looking at the sky on Friday ~ Yosemite Fire (13)

Last weekend, we took a little motorcycle ride up Sonora Pass staying in Lee Vining and back down Tioga Pass skirting the edge of Yosemite National Park.  We were unable to visit the Valley without a significant detour, due to the fire.  Yosemite is my emotional mecca. I hate to see it burn.

LATSOF yosemite fire                                    (click to bigify) 

Sometimes it seems as if the entire state of California is aflame.  We’re going to have a long autumn with everything so dry.

Treat yourself to other sky photos this Friday…. visit Tisha the Sky Hostess by clicking on her logo.



Linda said...

As devastating as the Los Angeles fires are, it always breaks my heart to hear of fires in the vicinity of Yosemite and/or Lake Tahoe. Both of those places hold a special spot in my heart and the thought of such majesty being laid waste by flames really brings a tear to my eye.

Fingers crossed that people will start being extra careful so that there are no more devastating fires.

I, Like The View said...

I hope the fires start to die down soon

glad you managed to get a trip in, despite the disruption

Mel said...

Wee little jet by big cloud of smoke'n stuff.


It's a good capture.
Just makes me sad, yaknow?

Norm said...

great capture! the sky is so pretty..

Dianne said...

the fires are so sad and scary
your photo is amazing

I hope the fires are under control soon and I hope it rains and rains

Looking @ The Sky on Friday said...

I love the emotion and depth of the clouds in this photo! Thanks so much for sharing with us. Praying for rain to come your way!!

Thanks for your continued support, my friend!!!


Sandee said...

Yes it does seem like California is burning every summer doesn't it. I hate it too.

What a beautiful place Yosemite National Park is. I love it too.

Have a terrific day and weekend. Big hug to you and The Teamster. :)

Calico Crazy said...

It's a shame that such a wonderful place is burning, it does make a pretty picture though.

Calico Contemplations

Desert Songbird said...

Praise the heavens, we've only had one fire this season (thus far). *knock on wood* I agree that there are times when I feel the entire western US is aflame.

Anna said...

Beautiful! Though it's sad to think it's caused by something so destructive.

Mimi Lenox said...

Truly heartbreaking.
Your photographs is gorgeous. Glad you are safe and sound.
How sad the news is reporting that it was deliberately set.
What kind of person?

Travis said...

I hate to hear that Yosemite is burning. I've always loved the drive up there. We used to do it all the time.

I remember the comforting canopy of tall trees. And then there came a time when I took the familiar drive and some of those roads were surrounded by blackened hulks.

I know fire is a part of the natural renewal, but it's still very sad to see the desolate landscapes it causes.

katherine. said...

Linda: they are very special places

ILTV: is a blessing to get away

Mel: you saw the plane! It makes me sad too. Fire scares me.

katherine. said...

Norm: thank you...and welcome

Dianne: they are very scary. The destruction can be complete!

Tish: Thank YOU. You inspire me to post!

Sandee: I actually hope we have an early rain season. Hug back to you two!

katherine. said...

Calico: thanks for coming by...and the kind words

DS: you all get terrible fires!

Anna: a different type of silver lining?

katherine. said...

Mimi: thanks...I would never get too close. The fire in Southern California was started by arson. The Yosemite fire was a controlled burn that got away from them. sigh

Travis: exactly! If you and Pam ever come for a visit...