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08 September 2009

spy deployment

yank three aThat’s The Teamster there, with his two offspring…SPY and MHY…taken up near Boise where SPY, (the one on the left) is stationed with The United States AirForce.

SPY deploys today for Afghanistan.

I imagine this is one of those asphyxiating phases of parenthood,,,a combination of breathtaking pride and breathholding concern.

If you’re so inclined…when you hit your knees, toss up a prayer for SPY and for his Dad….I’ll be including his picture on my side bar until he comes home.


Travis said...

May he take with him my deepest gratitude for his service.

Sandee said...

Consider it done Katherine, consider it done.

Have a terrific day. Big hug to you and The Teamster. :)

The Teamster said...

thanks for the kudos on spy and all of us who will pray, miss and love him...

Jeff B said...

Thank you SPY, may you be safe and say strong. As I watch my boys grow, I wonder what juxtaposed emotions I'll experience in the future.

Matt-Man said...

Here's to the Yank Boys. Good luck and safe times to SPY. Cheers!!

Mel said...

Done......and will continue to be done.

(((((((((( the teamster ))))))))))

mel said...

I will be praying. :)

katherine. said...

Travis: Thanks Trav....yours and mine

Sandee: appreciate it my friend.

Teamster: cookies are

Jeff: Safe and strong! (parenthood has a lot of that juxtaposition...)

Matt: The Yanks are good men.

Mel: thank you muchly.

mel: I know you...more than most...know the complication of feelings on this one.

Desert Songbird said...

Consider it my honor to do so, my friend. Safe journeys to SPY.

Linda said...

There's nothing finer than an Air Force man and the Teamster has a fine one there! May he stay safe and come home safely with all of the gratitude that we as a country can muster for his service. He will definitely have my prayers!

I, Like The View said...