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19 October 2009

The Peace Movement.

For many Americans of my generation the “Peace Movement” conjures up images from the late 1960’s.  You know the ones I mean.

Not just Woodstock. I’m thinking more along the lines of: Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out…Make Love, Not War…Hell NO, we won’t go…John naked in bed with Yoko…and 19 year old National Guard soldiers pointing loaded rifles at 19 year old college students. 

One of the more unfortunate results of the 60’s Peace Movement was the atrocious reception of the men and women of our armed forces who returned from serving our country.  Those who fought in the VietNam War, as well as those who served in uniform in any capacity.

Fast forward to now. 
To him.

SPY Afghanistan 02  
The Teamster’s son SPY.
His initials, not necessarily his occupation. He is serving with the United States Air Force in Afghanistan. You might be able to understand why a 2009  “Peace Movement” makes me feel a little uncomfortable.

Back in the 60’s the American military was partially staffed by the draft.  Today, it is all elective. Our military men and women have signed up to serve their country and protect our way of life by their own volition.

I know many people (here in the socialist mecca of a village I live in,) who say they are against the war, but they support the troops.  To me that sounds similar to someone being supportive of the players on a baseball team, but not wanting them to win the game.

I fully support not only our military…but also our involvement in the conflict in Afghanistan. My reasons have a lot to do with the Taliban, the rights of women and the published goals and objectives of Al Qaeda.

I want there to be Peace on Earth.
But I know that we can not always stand idly by.
I know that there are reasons for war.

There are things worth fighting for.
There are people worth protecting.

I don’t want war.
I want Peace.

On 05 November, a small army will be blogging with Peace Globes. You can learn all about this Peace force
here.  You can get a template to make a Peace Globe of your very own. 

Let there be Peace on Earth.
and let it begin with me.

The Peace Globe and Blog Blast for Peace are inspired by
Mimi, the ruling Queen of Memes. I am honored to wear the Badge.


Travis said...

And you wear it well.

Spadoman said...

When I returned home from Vietnam in February of 1970, no one spat on me, but I wasn't given a welcome either. I had fought in a war which I was told was to save people from being forced into a Communist government that they did not want. I thought I was fighting for freedom and never questioned my government. I was drafted. Nowadays, it is true that men and woman enlist to serve their country. I might add that they also serve their family and community by this service as well.
I agree that there is sometimes a reason and cause that we must arm and resist, a war to be fought, peoples lives to be saved, freedom to be won or restored, after all, I went and did that.
In the case of Afghanistan, I never get the real answers to my hard questions. Why are we fighting a war within borders when the "enemy" is all around the region? What is the definition of what winning the war is? When every person that doesn't agree with the USA is dead? Can't people have the right to disagree?
In the case of Iraq, I wonder why we are fighting there at all. In Vietnam, we walked away and allowed the very thing we were fighting for to take over after losing the lives of over 58,000 great Americans and countless Vietnamese Nationals. Funny how the Hmong, our allies in the mountains of Southeast Asia, are discriminated against when their very existence on our shores is because we abandoned the cause!
It should be, and may probably be, the fact that we all want peace. I don't want to think there is anyone that wants to have war. As a warrior, I want peace sooner, and at less of a cost to human life, with more dialogue and less bullets, and a shorter duration. I guess what I'm saying is that I can't sit idly by and let the government do whatever they want to do because they are the government.
Lastly, let there be no mistake. It IS possible to honor those that serve and be against war. I wonder what people with God Bless America signs and ribbons on their cars are doing to support the troops. Are they saying war is okay and that is enough? I won't brag and tell you what I do to support the serving military, but it involves plenty more than a ribbon. Each individual is entitled to have their own opinion. I want to believe that I shed my blood for that right. I just don't want my government to tell me who my enemies are.
I appreciate you and your opinions. And I thank those who serve or have served. I don't want to be hated because I disagree with the whys and wherefores of war, especially when money seems to be at the base of much of it.

And with the utmost of respect, I wish us all Peace.

Desert Songbird said...

We know that peace is not just the absence of war; it is a failure to embrace the goodness in ourselves and others. As long as humans have the capacity to hate, there will be conflict. That said, I do believe we can peacefully live. I know; those of us who sit on both sides of the fence drive you nuts, but I believe it to be true. If we can learn to respect each other and respect differences, then "liking" each other is not necessary. We can "agree to disagree." Get my point?

Starrlight said...

I do think it is possible to support the troops and the dedication they have made to our country, but not support the way they are being used by our government. That said, I don't think we can leave either Iraq or Afghanistan any time soon.

We have tossed Iraq into chaos and last I checked the people behind 9/11 are in Afghanistan. I have always regretted that we never committed to that instead of the diversion into Iraq.

That said yes, sometimes peace only comes from sacrifice. Peace is more than just an absence of war. Good post Kat =)

Bond said...

Your words always make me think Katherine. I am not sure I support your analogy about rooting for the players but not for the team to win.

See I support those who are in our Service, whether they be in Iraq, Afghanistan or in some other part of the world, because they are all serving.

BUT, I would prefer those who are being targeted in Iraq and Afghanistan to not be in those places for many of the reasons listed by those people above.

This is truly a borderless war and I always regretted our putting on a campaign against one - and now two - nations when those responsible for 9/11 and other atrocities around the globe are probably not even in those countries.

Peace is the absence of hate in your heart...I thin our guest last night on the RHH made some great points and - like you - I was ready to think him a fool.

Let's work to make them realize we are not the devil and maybe, just maybe the hate will begin to dissolve from all the hearts...

Mel said...

There are things worth fighting for.

With that, I whole heartedly agree.

I send my better angels, as I know do you.

((((((((((( katherine ))))))))))))

SPY continues to be in my prayers.

Amazing Gracie said...

Being raised in the sixties, married in '65, staying ahead of the draft - I kinda get what you're saying! We were "Young Republicans," you know the type, we went to church three times per week and kept our noses clean (at least I did! Hubman was a different matter!) I've never smoked weed in my life. I've been drunk once. People made/make fun of people like me.
I've been wondering about the globes and Mimi's wonderful efforts to keep this going. You have really hit the nail on the head for me. My dad was an FBI agent, and I know we can't just pray for people to behave, or talk to criminals and believe things will change. I guess I'm a pessimist and not proud of it. I pray for our country, our president and our elected officials, as does my husband, every night. We ask God to guide them and give them wisdom.
Personally, I don't believe this world will ever see peace. But by being respectful and loving towards those we come in contact with we can make a difference in our own little place.
(I'm sorry this didn't come together very well - thank you for saying what I wish I had!)
p.s. thank you for your words of hope and comfort. It means a lot to me. said...

Happened by after seeing your post at Comedyplus. I really enjoyed the read here. Nice to meet you and the picture at the bottom I believe you took it on your B-day is sooo inviting. Be well, Glenn

Marilyn said...

Very thought provoking post... what about the people who support the team but feel like the coaches did a rotten job and put them in a difficult situation?

I agree that we can't leave Afghanistan, but I don't see how we can win either. Yucky all around.

Anyway, I too am a peace blogger and I will be for the foreseeable future.

Totally unrelated: SPY is HOT. s'okay though, he's safe from me. I already got my own hottie.

Odat said...

Bless all the troops!!! (And support their efforts)...WTG SPY!!!


Linda said...

I guess I've never really understood the "I support our troops but not the war" stance either but that's probably because I was a military brat way back during that 60's Peace Movement you mentioned. My Dad spent a year in Danang and later died from his exposure to Agent Orange there. Even though I was only 9 when he returned, I know he came back a changed man never talking about the horrors that he lived through with nightly bombings and the like. I was too young to really understand the whole controversy of the Vietnam War but I wasn't too young to support and respect my father for his commitment to his country and its leaders.

They didn't always make the right decisions but throughout time and wars immortal, no one seems to have ever made the right decisions. Heck, just look at our own Civil War and the mistakes that were made time and time again there. I wonder if people back then said they supported the troops but not the war? Or did they think that keeping the Union together was something worth fighting for?

I don't know where I'm going with this (lately I seem to have no idea where I'm going with comments!) but I wanted to say thank you for saying what a lot of us think but don't want to say for fear of being considered war-mongers.

Peace is a wonderful idea but I don't believe that there will be World Peace anymore than I believe that we will ever live in a world without crime. As long as there is one person somewhere who wants something that doesn't belong to them and decides to take it by force, we will have war. It's gone on since the first recording of history and no amount of bumper stickers or Peace Globes or chanting hippies is going to change that but at least people are trying and as long as we're trying that means there's hope. And hope is a good thing.

sterndal said...

hello katherine!

great blog, great posts

hope to exchange links :)


Devilish Southern Belle said...

I feel much the same way you do regarding our involvement in the Middle East, though I honestly am just ready for it to all be over. I am glad that so much has changed since 'nam, though. I can't imagine treating a serviceman or woman cruelly or rudely after serving this country - forced or not. Yet that is exactly what happened.

Thanks for stopping by my T13 post at Music Savvy Mom this evening :)

Sandee said...

I so get what you are saying here. I'm from the same era and I remember oh so well.

I too don't think there will ever be peace. We can't seem to pull that off in many families and that doesn't leave much hope for all the different races and cultures. It would be wonderful though.

Have a terrific day. Big hug to you and The Teamster from Zane and I. :)

Mimi Lenox said...

Thank you for this post. I somehow missed it along the way.

The Teamster's son is handsome and proud. I know you are too.

I like the idea of an "army" of peace globe workers. It certainly feels that way to me. We're a peaceful lot, a fiesty, lot...a bit full of ourselves at times but united for a cause we believe in.

I am proud of all of you.