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13 October 2009

Peace on the horizon….

Almost two years ago, I first participated in the Blogblast for Peace.   Posting a Peace Globe and expressing the desire: Dona Nobis Pacem.

November 5th will be the third anniversary of the Peace Globe inspired by Mimi Lenox. Peace Globes have been posted by 48 different countries…and almost all the states in our nation. If you’d like to know how the whole thing began, you can read her story.

If you’d like to post your own Peace Globe the
templates can be found here…and there are several people who have graciously offered to help you personalize yours if need be.  Peace Bloggers are on FaceBook and Twitter….as well as iPeace and Blogger Unite.

I thought I’d repost my first offering from two years ago…as it is still my prayer.

I know Peace.
Peace of heart which makes you sigh.
Peace of mind that is contentment.

The Peace that transcends understanding.

My life is not always Peaceful.
Too often it is contentious.
And…I have not always been in the right.

Peace can be elusive.

I see it…there… the brass ring…there…just out of my grasp…there…I reach for it frantically…there…while I whirl on this carousal…around and around…there…my fingers clutch and I am wrenched off.

In the dark, I search for Peace as if blind…my fingertips sweeping the air at the radius of my arms…extending…sweeping…until (more often than not) I crack my shin and bruise my knee as I trip over the Peace which was in front of me all the time.

Make it peaceful where you are.
Make peace with those around you.
(I’m not saying agree or acquiesce.)
I am wishing common ground to establish peace.

In these days when we say Peace…too often one thinks of War…with the constant coverage and never ending armchair commanders in chief…so….yes…

World Peace
Give Peace a Chance
Let there be Peace on Earth…
and l
et it begin with me.

For my children (who are adults)
my heartfelt prayer is that you have Peace.

Peace of Heart
Peace of Mind
Peace of Soul

To breath without anxious thoughts
To recognize that you don’t always need what you don’t have.
To appreciate the beauty of the small thing
To be grateful for love
To live in a home that is your haven
To have sanctuary for your soul
To be content
To have Peace.


I, Like The View said...


I like it when you play along

peace & love, katherine., peace & love

Mel said...

It was beautiful then--and it's still beautiful.

Embracing the peace given to me is sometimes not easy to do. I get outside the moment and borrow troubles and don't bother.
Pretty dishonorable and ungrateful, dontcha think?

I'll work on embracing every peacefilled opportunity, today--
With much thanks....


Anndi said...

If you're just "playing along", maybe you should head over to chat with heads of state when you get serious *wink*. Well said.

Sandee said...

Excellent Katherine.

Have a terrific day. Big hug to you and The Teamster from Z and me. :)

Matt-Man said...

"Without war, you wouldn't know what peace is."

--Col. Flagg

Cheers Kat!!

Bond said...

I remember this first post for peace Katherine... have the words and the spirit - now where is your Bee?

Desert Songbird said...

Peace of heart, mind, and soul are all the beginnings of world peace. Don't you agree?

Starrlight said...

Lovely post, Kat =)

Travis said...

I always enjoy your thoughts and perspective.

Mimi Lenox said...

I loved that globe then and I love it now.