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30 December 2006

the "perfect" man

A close friend of mine recently sat me down and demanded to know what in the sam hill I am looking for in a man. Having recently jettisoned yet another suitor, he seems to think I am far too selective.

It gave me pause....hmmmm...what is it I am looking for? Hard to explain. In a perfect world...if I had a magic wand....and could actually get what I want...He would be a combination of the following:

(listed in no particular order of importance)

toby keith
george clooney
sean connery
bill gates

paul hewson (bono)
david letterman
george lucas

be still my heart


Skittles said...

Good for you.. never set your sights too low :)

Thanks for dropping by my blog.

Evel said...

MMMM, sounds good, but I hope you are going for Bill's money and not his looks.

katherine said...'s Bill's brain that sends me....

mariposa said...

Bono? Really?

katherine. said...

truly....I like his religious politics...