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02 January 2007


I don’t typically consider the New Year to be the time to make resolutions, turn over a new leaf, or begin again. Not that the 31st of December hasn’t been noteworthy in my life….it has. I was proposed to on New Years’ Eve. I brought my baby home from the hospital on New Year’s Eve. (not the SAME NYE…a couple years later….laughing….)

The “new” year has always seemed to start in September. Summer vacation was so fun and glorious. Summer always seemed like the grand finale. Growing up, September was where it all started afresh…new clothes….new class…new friends…all the things a new school year brought. Same in my parental roles…new school year meant ….new….year. On the other hand, most of the really horrible experiences in my adult life have happened in September. sigh. This year was no exception. (note to self: never go on a cruise in September – the ship will sink or be waylaid by pirates)

There was one year quite recently I had thought the events of New Years Eve foretold a monumental change in my life….I must’ve been in some Disney-induced fairy tale. It ended up being by far one of the very worst years of my life. Then again that could be considered the monumental change I’d perceived.

I have always used my own birthday has a time to reflect on the past and try and make honorable intentions for the future….not resolutions…almost by definition resolutions are to be broken…but most certainly intentions. Not that my intentions have any more successful….the word resolution just doesn’t resonate with me. It brings to mind politicians from the Founding Fathers to present day, “…we hereby resolve….”

Ya’ know what I mean?

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