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21 January 2007

I can not f-ing beLIEVE I am blogging ! !

I don’t know much about blogging…or bloggers…I am the quintessential rookie.

Since I am very, VERY fond of my privacy signing up is something akin to stepping through the looking glass…(stepping through the monitor? Sorry Carroll) Who are these people who post two and three times a day? sheesh. And how in the world do they find time to maintain more than one blog? (rekabek asks how many personalities do they HAVE anyway ??)

I hesitate to jump into the fray. I’ve had an experience…or two….with online communities. A Boxster group and a Christian dating site….picture me rolling my eyes…it was the best of times and the worst of times…sorry Dickens.

I sat down to post to my own blog and got all caught up in hitting the random button off the Bestest Blog for the past couple hours. (well I did do two loads of laundry, sipped halfa dozen cups of coffee, cleaned the coffeemaker and dried my hair at the same time…but still) Who knew people used blogging as a source of revenue? Curious.

Perfectly suited for someone who has an opinion on everything and an unlimited supply of soapboxes. The downside is a required relationship with paypal. I think paypal is a dangerous harbinger of things to come.

I confess I have found several blogs worth going back to. A few which were an embarrassment to the human race. A couple are written by total freaks of nature. But for the most part I am finding the blog world incredibly entertaining…and somewhat addicting.


Skittles said...

It sneaks up on you doesn't it? :)

Erika said...

I never thought I would blog... but here I am... and SO addicted!