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21 January 2007

my ink

I have become fascinated with "Body Art" and other ... um... modifications. I very highly recommend the book reviewed here:

While I am not at the place where I want to personally pierce body parts other than my ears (four in my left, two in my right) ...both of my girls have piercings elsewhere.

No place bizarre. SugerCookie pierced her navel...and LittleMissy her nose. LittleMissy has a few extensive cartilage piercings in her ears. TheCub had his ear pierced...but he let it close up a couple years ago. Come to think of it...J-Boy has a nipple pierced. He and a couple of his buddies each pierced a nipple when one of them, Travis deployed to Iraq. The deal being they would all pierce the other nipple when he came home. I suggested they just unpierce when he came home. Travis is home (praise God) ...hmmm...I don't know what they decided...I'll have to ask SugarCookie. Without telling her why. I would be in so much e-phn trouble if she ever saw this blog.


Several years ago I realized I really wanted my own tattoo. In my part of the world a significant percentage of the population is inked. I suspect reader reaction is divided in a similar manner to that of my friends and family. Gasping in shock at the sin. Tsking-tsking in disapproval of the concept. Eye-rolling at kat's behavior once again. Shrugging in apathy...after all everyone has a tat.

My first foray was just a simple kanji...which was my original concept. No big deal. Although I knew I wanted more....I first needed to figure out exactly what I wanted permanently on my know...the rest of my life.

side note: being a single, born-again woman, in her late (very late) turns out having a tattoo is a deterrent to potential suitors. who knew? Turns out to be a blessing. A man's reaction to my ink is a great indicator to how he will react to other situations.

The image above is "Magnolias and Irises" the stained glass panel by Louis Comfort Tiffany which hangs in the American Wing of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I love Glass. I love the creations of Tiffany. I think his middle name "Comfort" is right on. And this piece is my all time favorite.

So...I took several examples of Magnolia's and Irises, as well as other Tiffany Iris examples, to Theresa ~ my tattoo artist. A couple weeks later I went back to see what she had come up with. Wow. They were unbelievable. Unusual color shading. Artful interpretation of the original without being identical. Perfect incorporation of my kanji. And the really cool part....her tattoo designs were round. Kinda like a paperweight. She had no clue I collect paperweights. They were all so amazing, I had a difficult time choosing which one I wanted.

My body art is located on my back....just below my right shoulder blade. It is about three inches in diameter....and hidden by most clothing. The session took several hours. The shading was somewhat painful...however the outling (which gives it the 'stained-glass" look) was really painful. But absolutely worth every wince.

I am very fond of my tattoo....
it holds a great deal of significance to me.

I cannot promise you it will be my last.


Hammer said...

I don't have anything pierced or inked because I rebelled back in 1990 when every tom dick and harriet began mutilation no joy or meaning. Like a fashion statement.

As the craze dies down, I can really appreciate people who do it tastefully and symbolically.

Thanks for the blog visit. I appreciate your comment very much!

katherine. said...

Dear Mama,

see? tastefully and symbolically....see?

thanks much hammer.

Kat in Ohio said...

Late forties...are you sure we aren't twins seperated at birth? I have no tattoos because I object to the pain, but two of my daughters have lovely ink on their backs that don't bother me in the least. I was more freaked by my son piercing his ears.

katherine. said...

I gotta thing for men with a pierced ear. But since piercings can be reversed...

My girls like ink as well. Lauren designed and obtained a tattoo about 30 seconds after she turned 18. Rhiannon is waiting for her child bearing years are over before she gets hers....but she sat with me while I had mine done.

On the pain thing.... way less than childbirth or kidney stones...and only while the needle is working. No pain the next day at all. (smile)

Skittles said...

I almost passed out when I got my ears pierced way back in the stone age. I doubt I could handle a tattoo although I have actually thought about just getting a really small flower. Yours is very pretty!

masgblog said...

hi katherine....and thank you re bestest Blog for Today!
I have no piercings at all..not even ears. Now, I did, fleetingly, think about a tattoo, but then I wouldn't know what to design, so it became too much effort, and I abandoned the thought. But good on ye!


Your tat is beautiful! As an "artist," (I use the term loosely) I appreciate the pain you went through allowing for the shading. It truly is very effective.
I don't have anything but double earpiercings and at my age, I doubt I'd go the tattoo route - too many wrinkles! But one thing I have admired recently is women who have had radical mastectomies and have covered their scars with gorgeous, colorful tattoos! Now, that I really admire.
Thanks for visiting my site - I do actually have a laptop. I get so involved in writing I just don't pay a lot of attention to the TV.
Your shots of the ocean are terrific! I was raised in So. Cal. and share your love of the ocean.

Erika said...

I love your tat! My younger sister designed the one I have on my neck. She got it on her back/shoulder... then me and my older sister went to go get matching ones... So all three sisters match and our last name is Swan. No more men Swan to carry on the name... So my tattoo means a lot to me. I also hope to add to it little baby swans after it for each child I have when and if I have them :-) ... oh and a husband Swan too. lol

I also love my placement. People get to see it with out me lifting up my shirt or pulling down my pants. NO ONE would want to see that from me ;-) And when I don't want people to see it... I just where my hair down!

Thanks for stopping by my blog! You have a very nice one here!

I, Like The View said...

oh, if I had surely been here at the time, I'd surely have regaled you with the story of how when I was a Teen I worked in NYC and hung out at the Met in my time off (amongst other places) and was once chatted up by a MOM (Much Older Man) and he wanted to take me out to dinner but I said "no, thank you, but you can buy me the all the Tiffany posters instead, if you like"

and he did

but I wasn't here then, so I've told you now. . .

. . .tattoos, huh? I've been thinking for a very long while now about getting one. . .

I'd have it on the nape of my neck, just below my hair line, or on the front of my hip, where it would be covered by a bikini. . .

originally I thought I wanted a bar code, but now (mid-forties) I think something else. . .