santa cruz wharf

20 January 2007

Photo Hunting ~ week one ~ Wild

Wild. Right now I think my life is a bit wild.... not so sure how to upload a picture of THAT…..not so sure you’d all want to see a picture of that. So I’m opting for the most recent picture I’ve taken. This is last night’s sunset on the beach which is just about a 45 second walk from my home. (it took some doing to get pictures without the three dozen people and two dozen dogs sharing the sight)

While I can not see the ocean from where I live, I can hear it… especially in the morning when I am awake and the neighborhood is not.

How did we get to the place where we call the sound of waves on the sand “crashing” ??? sound is NOT crashing.

Crashing is that painful sound of torque-ing metal and breaking glass. Often preceded by the breath holding sound of screeching of brakes and burning of tires. That is crashing

The sound of the waves on the sand is the perfect combination of the peace and power of God.


Anonymous said...

I just want to say you have a completely normal blog. That these days is hard to find.

katherine. said...

thanks... I think.

how do you actually define, "a completely normal blog" ?

tnchick said...

I love the beach. I lived in San Diego for a while and could see the ocean from the up stairs in my house. It was awesome. I was further than a 45 second walk tho. Beautiful.

BTW, I'd like to know what a completely normal blog is, too. LOL

Kat in Ohio said...

I miss the beach! You have to go to the east coast to hear "crashing waves". West coach beaches are just as you described yours, heaven. We do have an awfully lot in common, very interesting!

Daisy said...

Very beautiful photo!