santa cruz wharf

08 April 2008

Did you see me? I was waving!

I flew over a lot of you guys today!
(and boy are my arms dum)

starting out in Santa Cruz, California
ending up in Lafayette, Indiana

all is fine...but I am way trashed from thirteen plus hours of traveling. My almost 93 year old Papa (my maternal Grampa) had a heart attack early Monday morning...and he told everyone they should come "home" as many of us as could, did.

We spent time with him tonight...he says he is ready to be discharged from the hospital tomorrow...not so sure the doctors will go along with Papa on this one. He is also trying to cajole one of us into smuggling in a hit of Jack for him. Not to worry...I am willing to bet a least four people will abide by his request.

While flying out today....
a great remembrance that Gene (brother of Jeff) posted a couple weeks ago came to my mind. It is about their Grandpa Lynch. I encourage any of you who have living grandparents... or senior aged friends... aunts... uncles... whatever... give 'em a call (or a visit if you can) just to say hey.


Linda said...

Well you didn't quite fly far enough to fly over me but that's okay, I'm sure your arms would have given out long before you got to Connecticut!

Sending good thoughts and best wishes to your Grampa for a successful recovery. Who knows? That shot of Jack just might be the thing to pull him through!

Mel said...

*thinkin' of you and yours*

*waving happily*

Geeze that was a lot of travel time....and hard travel--when they called me 'home' I went with a scrambled head and an aching heart.

I made it count. As will you.

(((((((((( katherine ))))))))

Matt-Man said...

Sorry to hear that but glad that you have been able to know him and the other grandparents. Good Luck GP.


Desert Songbird said...

You're near Boilermaker country; who knew you had Hoosier roots?

Glad you could be there with him. Sadly, I do not have any surviving grandparents, and I only ever met one of them briefly back in 1978. How fortunate for you that you can be there with your grandfather.

Mo said...

Wow - you flew just south of me!
No wonder your arms are tired.
Hope the rest of your journey is safe.

katherine. said...

Linda: to get to connecticut they would have made me go through four more cities!!

mel: it was a bit of scrambled and aching...until we got here...and then it was good to see him. (they don't really know coffee here - sigh)

mateo: I was VERY blessed with my grandparentage!

DS: oh yeah...Mama's a Hoosier. actually I was the first member of my family to go to a college other than Purdue...both my parents...aunts...uncles...cousins...all Boilermakers.

Mo: thanks. wish I could have visited "the nest"

The Teamster said...

how did you make it out of California without any "Peet's"?

should I ride to Livermore, pick up a pound and "next day" fed wait...."next day" ups (need to keep it teamster work) to you?

and as we've pointed out to each other.....those annoying trips to the 5 hardware stores looking for a 84 cent washer with 79 year old dads and trips up and down every isle at the grocery store with 71 year old moms are a blessing...enjoy every moment we can with family.

p.s. should I throw a half pint of Clint Bowyer with that Peets?

hope your day is good....


The Teamster said...

by the update....we've had 4 inches of snow today, but should be clear but cold the rest of the week....high's in the mid 20's...

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

Good advice here. Our family is very close and it is so important too. Glad you could see Grandpa. Hope Grandpa is up and around soon. Big hug. :)

katherine. said...

Teamster: I musta been out of my mind. No Peets. One starbucks in a ten mile radius...and even with an additional shot it was still just brown water.

The clint bowyer I can get...from the kitchen cabinet...laughing...

too bad about that weather smartass

take advantage of every moment we can get...

Jeff B said...

I'm glad you went back to spend time with your grandpa. Gene's post hit me too about how precious our time is with our parents and grandparents.

Enjoy your time and safe travels.

Travis said...

Best of luck to your Papa. It's good that you got to take some time to go see him.

My grandpa is my last living grandparent and we correspond routinely. He still calls me "my boy".