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14 April 2008

I'm not a city girl....but this is ridiculous

This was the highpoint of our morning....when the squirrel temporarily evicted the birds so he could have a bit of breakfast. Not a great shot...through the rain splattered window and all...but even I was alarmingly excited to have something different to look at.

I had never spent much time here in Flora. Until recently my Papa lived in Lafayette...which is not only the county seat...but is also home to Purdue University. (go Boilermakers). I know Lafayette. I know where to find things. I have several hangouts I can escape to. I know people there. I miss Lafayette.

Just about 2200 people live here in Flora. No coffee shops. No dry cleaners. No movie theaters. Not a single stoplight. I can't even find a bar. I did however have my choice of fourteen different churches yesterday. (We went with Methodist...although I was a bit curious about the Amish service....)

The biggest drawback is sketchy, damn near non-existent cell service...and just about no internet access. The only wireless is at the library...which is a way cool library with very modern, comfortable, overstuffed chairs and sofas...but very limited hours of operation.

Papa (which is my grandfather...not my is doing very well for having two heart attacks just a week ago...roller coaster blood sugar readings...and three generations of caregivers (in addition to his girlfriend) hovering around constantly asking him if he needs or wants anything. He says he is "plum wore out" but wants to live to at least 94.

A little over a year ago when I first started my weblog...I wrote this little post about his has a picture of us together which I think I'm gonna print out and put in a frame.

I can not tell you how much I appreciate the words, wishes, thoughts and prayers you all have sent our way. It's given me a warm, calm spirit...which you can be sure the rest of my family appreciates....almost as much as I do.


Sandee (Comedy +) said...

What a beautiful photograph of the two of you. Excellent idea to have it framed. My thoughts and prayers continue for your Papa. May he get his wish to live to 94. Excellent, uplifting post honey. :)

Bond said...

Excellent picture...and without sunglasses...not sure i have ever seen a shot of you without sunglasses... you are kinda cute! LOL

Wait a minute...'his girlfriend'????

Papa is still out there on the dating scene...He is now my ultimate hero!

Glad you are all there for him...let him know prayers are coming from Memphis to him.

Travis said...

Now that's a cheeky squirrel!

Glad to hear from you, and to hear that all is reasonably well.

Take care.

Mimi Lenox said...

Still sending bloggy prayers...

Mel said...

LOOK!! It's Seemore and Seeless' cousin!


Ya know you were describing the bitty town of 1134 (last census that is!) which included critters and tractors, I'm sure.
We do have two stoplights.....and several bars....and yep--more churches than bars *whew*.;

You just keep lovin' him for all he's worth--and give the girlfriend something to be jealous about....LOL

*more hugs and prayers*

Linda said...

Oh my - your Papa has a girlfriend at his age? This gives me hope! Good for him and good for her! May they both live to 94 and beyond. God, I love love!

Jeff B said...

93 with a girlfriend...your papa is a stud!

Glad to hear his spirits are good and he is doing well.

Matt-Man said...

Continued good tidings to pops. Squirrels are so damn gluttonous. Cheers Kat!!

Marilyn said...

Ooohhh... I'm a rotten blogging pal. I just now learned about your Papa. My Papa was my Great Grandfather... Papa's are important.

Sending prayers his way... in hopes that everything goes his way.