santa cruz wharf

29 April 2008 is your birthday....'s not widely known...cause no one is allowed to celebrate
wtf? he came to my birthday gig..and I hate them more than he does is his birthday.

Thought Provoking
Harley Riding
Enthusiastically Motivated

Thanks Giving
Easy Going
Adventure Seeking
Movie Watching
Sensual Loving
Touch Giving


Travis said...

He sounds like a keeper, but I'm confused.

Who gets the Happy Birthday???

**tosses confetti and flaming walnuts, because it should be somebody's birthday somewhere even if I'm confused as to whether it's Katherine's or Teamster's here today**

katherine. said...

yeah was confusing...I is HIS birthday...he is younger than I

Jeff B said...

Happy Birthday Teamster.

That's quite an impressive list of atributes too.

Turnbaby said...

*whispers* Happy Birthday

Mel said...

........yeah, what IS it about those bald heads?!......


As one who dislikes fusses made over her--I 'get it'......


<---singin' loud and offkey
(cuz anyone who's good 'nuff for good 'nuff to suck it up and get over it....LOL)

Happy Birthday to YOU.
Happy Birthday to YOU!!!



Matt-Man said...

Happy Belated B-Day to the Teamster. Solidarity Forever. Cheers!!

Desert Songbird said...

Happy Birthday to Teamster (or, belated as the case might be). Hope you had a nice one in spite of your hatred of celebrating them. And WTF is up with that, you two? No birthdays?!?

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday dear Teamster,
Happy Birthday to you.

Let there be cake! :)

Bond said...


Today is a birthday
I wonder for who
I know it's for somebody
right in this room

So look all around you
for somebody whoooo
is laughing
is smiling
my goodness
it's YOU

Happy Birthday teamster
From all of us to YOU
Happy Birthday teamster
from all who do know YOU

We congratulate YOU
and may all of YOUR dreams come true

So Happy Birthday Teamster


Odat said...

Happy Belated Birthday...May they all be great!

Mimi Lenox said... that's nice. REALLY nice. Happy birthday to the teamster. I agree with Travis. He does sound like a keeper! Be happy!

The Teamster said...

thanks babe for the acknowledgement of the day of my everyone knows trix (or birthdays) are for birthday was perfectly celebrated under the radar....

as well as many wishes from katherine, I received a birthday note from her daughter, my two sons called me, two of my sisters left notes on my mom's blog, neither of my brothers called, but i saw them last week, my mom (77) and my dad (79) left a heartfelt birthday song on my voicemail.

my birthday involved 11 hours working followed by 3 1/2 hours of golf....however...I work 11 hours and golf(shot a 91) every wednesday.

thank you travis, katherine, jeff, turnbaby, mel, matt, desert (I don't hate...hate is such an ugly word), sandee, bond, odat and mimi for all the birthday wishes.