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08 March 2007

Feast One Hundred and Thirty Four ~ ocho

What is your usual bedtime? Do you like that, or would you rather it be different?
I go to bed around 11pm. I know that I need to get more sleep but some genetic mutation results in me waking up at the crack of ever-lovin’ dawn…or before…every morning.

I don’t want to go to sleep earlier…I just want to sleep later.

I totally need more sleep.
I am deprived.

When it comes to advice, do you give more or receive more?
I give more. I have an opinion on everything.

However in my own defense….people ask me for advice more often than I offer it unsolicited.

Describe a memorable meal you've had.
I love to eat and my family is big on long drawn out meals with lots of conversation and debate. So when I try and think of a meal that has a poignant memory, it would have to be the last meal I remember having with a cherished loved one. My grandmother, my cousin, and my brother. (heavy sigh)

Main Course
Name a work of fiction that affected the way you think about something.
A single work of fiction. Hmmm.

It would have to be the book “Katherine” by Anya Seton.

It is based upon the real life of Katherine de Roet Swynford who was the longtime companion and ultimately the wife of John of Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster. She was related to Chaucer (who was married to her sister) and thought to inspire his more romantic tales.

It has some fairly gory and graphic passages of the 14th century plague and war. She suffered the loss of a child and much heartache. But it is truly the most incredibly romantic stories I have ever read, seen or known. She actually has her own society these days...

katherine crazies

I discovered this book while in college. Two dozen or more of my most closest personal friends were “rf-ing” a fraternity house and I found it while emptying the library of all their books. (I should blog this story….)

Ahhhh….now I so want read this book again…..

What is your favorite type of fruit juice?
Grapefruit – the real stuff not the sweet ruby red mix. But since I am somewhat susceptible to kidney stones I need to stay away from too much of it. It is one of the worse things I can drink (One of the best things I can drink is coffee within 20 minutes of brewing…praise God). If I am feeling deliciously decadent I love to have Pomegranate juice….but it’s a bit too expensive to be gulping down everyday. (it’s not too bad with vodka either…for those of you who indulge - smile)


Mel said...

Now I'm going to have to go do some investigation on the series!

I know absolutely 'bugger all' about making fancy stuff on the 'puter--but I DO know how to do the linky thing now! :-) There's a button!

Just copy the url you want to link and the type the word(s) you wanna 'hide it in' on your posting and highlight it with your mouse. Go to that little green button next to the text colours (looks like a mad bug but it's a hyperlink...LOL), paste in the url, click!

If *I* can do can the world!!
(credit goes to the girl who calmly explained to me that it's been right in front of me the whole time--smartiepants that she can be!!)

Chris said...

I'm with you on the sleep thing - If I go to bed at 9, I lie awake to 12 anyway... :-(

Lisa Renee said...

I can agree with your Appetizer, especially today and your Salad was a good choice.

When I do links I just write the html code, for me it's faster. If you visit that page it's easy instructions on how to do not only links but images.

Happy Feast day!

Ma said...

Great feast! I'm a bit sleep deprived too. And I should be getting more rest. But old habits kinda stick with you.

Thanks for stopping by.

annie said...

I enjoyed your feast...
Have a great Friday.

katherine. said...

MEL MEL MEL: you are so my heroine! was right there in front of me...

Your directions were perfect!!!
(thank the girl too)

Chris: same here. sigh

lisa renee: ohhhhhh read the instructions.....what a concept

ribbiticus said...

interesting main course...happy feasting! come see my spread! ;)

Edward Wolf said...

Yes. Thank God for coffee! But juice sounds a little too healthy for my system.

Frances said...

I just had dinner in an Indian vegetarian restaurant this week, and one of the dishes was chick peas cooked in pomegranate - yummy.
Those family meals of yours sound nice.
Thanks for visiting,

Raggedy said...

Your salad was beautiful. I did not think back to the distant past when I wrote mine. My grandpa had the secret recipe from Colonel Sanders himself. He made the best fried chicken I ever had. I still remember that dinner. Thank you.
Your dessert made me think. I bought some pomegranate juice when it first came out. I love pomegranates other than the stains it leaves on your fingers. It is to pricey for us but I had to try it once. It reminded me a lot of cranberry juice. I wonder what the name of of the pom/vodka will be? I enjo
greyhounds,srewdrivers,vodka tonics and the seabreeze.
Great Friday Feast!
My feast is served.
Have a wonderful day!
(")_ (")Š

Raggedy said...

I was thinking of vodka and look what happened!
Tosses a "y" to finish of enjoy from the previous comment.

Karin said...

Wow! Sounds like a really great book. I might have to check it out :) Thanks for stopping by!

Anonymous said...

I didn't do a feast this week, but just wanted to say that I am writing down that title - it sounds exactly like my kind of read!


Mel said...

*doing a happy dance!!*

Yippee for YOU!!

Yippee for me, too! LOL

Joseph C. Harris said...

I can certainly identify with your sleep answer. I didn't know that about grapefruit juice either. Thanks for visiting my blog.

Anonymous said...

Hey Katherine - just saw your post over at Michelle's (Vancouver Mermaid). She did my little description, so the deal was I had to post about it - I am SO not as clever and witty as she, and it's her cute game, so I wouldn't want to step on her toes :-)

I'll tell her to hurry up and get yours done!! (Can't wait to see what she comes up with :-)

Mike said...

A good feast. I feel for you if you have had kidney stones. They are the worst. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Rob Carr said...

Your salad is touching....