santa cruz wharf

07 March 2007

thursday thirteen ~ nueve

desired male attributes
(working my way thru the alphabet....backwards)

Almighty following
America loving
Accolade giving
Attractive (as least to me)


Hammer said...

arrogant? Well as long as it's done in a humorus way :)

Kai said...

And again.... another great list!

But - what's next? Can't wait to see what you come up with :-)

katherine. said...

Hammer: Yeah...I sorta like arrogant..and he's gotta be able to hold his own with me. (smile)

Kai: thanks! I'm a little worried about next week. I might have to step beyond english. (y's and x's are gonna be the real problem...or I'm gonna have to cheat just a little)

Mel said...

*nodding* I was excited to see what came up next week!

It's been fun to be 'along for the ride' on this 13.

Christine said...

Oohh this is a great list. I may have to use some of these to develop my next hero. :)

Christie said...

good one! love me a man that can put up a good asskicking! haha! happy tt!

katherine. said...

mel: I better start on it NOW.

Christine: I figure if I find a guy who has all the attributes (26x13) I would seriously consider

Christine: just a little bit.

Vancouver mermaid/Montreal photographer said...

Cool list.

I'm glad you came to visit. Even more glad to hear you're coming back. (just lemme know when you're there, we'll roll out the red carpet for you and everything. I always butter up my new readers ;-)