santa cruz wharf

22 March 2007

Thursday Thirteen - once

desired male attributes
(working my way thru the alphabet....backwards)

Yee-Ha - ing
Yeats reading
Yoda watching
Yawns rarely
Yells softly
Yule celebrating
Yellowstone camping
Yeast baking
Yard planting
Yesterday respecting


Mel said...

Definitely a 'yawns regularly' fella is a good thing!

And I'm glad to see the post.
I was starting to fret again! LOL

*sending warm thoughts*

Kai said...

Hey there you are! :-)

You sure are creative - I could never have thought of 13 with Y!

Travis said...

Just keeping on eye on ya!

Mel said...


NOW I'm gonna fret again.
Just a bit, mind you.....


Mel said...

She comes, she goes.....then she comes and goes again!

*sending warm thoughts*

May things slow down to warp speed withOUT your hair on fire soon!


Thanks for checking in, lady! Catch us up when you get caught up?

RT said...

Hmmm... waiting for the next post...

Hurry up, Lady, I'm a busy man! :-)

Mel said...

*sending positive, warm thoughts*

And I miss the whole alphabet--

Hope things are slowing a bit?

Turnbaby said...

what a neat idea for TT--I love the Yeats reading!! Well --and the Yummy doesn't hurt ;-)