santa cruz wharf

09 March 2007


So I’m talking with my kid on the telephone…catching up on the nothings that make up our day. I make some comment about a little tidbet I recently learned.

And she says…. “is this something you read on a blog?”


“yeah” I say “it might have been”

Really really long pause. Several of them.

At last she says, “you know you haven’t given me the name of your site yet”

“I just sent you little story about when I came to your office”

“yeah sure…sometimes you send me what you write…but I want you to know that I know you haven’t sent me the name of the site”

“I know…so how’s Jon?”


Ryan said...

keep it hush hush....

It's better to have your family wondering rather than questioning.

That makes you mysterious.

Kai said...

LOL I know what you mean - I didn't feel comfortable with family reading mine - then the Mountie with the big mouth told everyone!

PS: Your 'review' is up at the Mermaid's :-)

katherine. said...

Ryan: My daughter is the one person who knows me better than anyone... however she would probably totally freak to see her pictures up on the world wide web.

kai: So your Mountie was braggin' on ya?

damn...heading to the right back....

Mel said...


I'm not as concerned about what the girl would read....I'm concerned about what the girl would WRITE! LOL
Oh my, the stories she could tell!!
NOT that I wouldn't tell on myself, cuz I would.
But at least I'd KNOW I was telling!!


Rob Carr said...

Everyone knows who UnSpace is.

So where do I speak of the fears and doubts?

You did right.

Strangely, the people I wish would read my blog don't....

Travis said...

It's not like you're keeping secrets. You're just enjoying your place in this odd little community.

katherine. said...

Mel: I never thought of asking her to do a guest post....and I hope I never have to....laughing laughing laughing

Rob: She is one who knows of my fears...and has a way of degining my doubts. Who is it would like to read your blog?

Travis: No...not keeping secrets...but she may object to me SHARING secrets. And for sure they all three would be concerned about the "odd" part of any oneline community I may be part of. smile.