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10 March 2007

first impressions

Okay...this is way least for me.

Sweet Kai ~ Buzz Queen of the Mounties turned me on to the Vancouver Mermaid at
Once upon a time...

the mermaid was doing this little gig in honor of the International Day of Women and honored ME with her impressions in the following areas:

1. I will tell you what song makes me think of you.
2. I will tell you what tattoo I think would suit you.
3. I will tell you my first opinion of you.
4. I will tell you the color or flavor of jello that I'd wrestle you in.
5. I will give you a nickname.

Kathrine - remember these are based on a fleeting first impression (much like most of my opinions)

1. SAVE THE LAST DANCE FOR ME -the best is always saved for last, much like my comment here to you:-)

2. A little musical note, tucked in anywhere you wish.

3. Your name reminded me of American Idol, wasn't Kathrine the runner up?

4. Definitly rainbow coloured jello. There's a little bit left over from all the colors I've already wrestled in.

5. I'll call you Katie Lady.

smiling....isn't this fun...(I've been thinking about a new tattoo....a musical note...tucked in....hmmmmm I am frequently runner up...)

HEY MEL....did you notice the hyperlinks?!?!? thanks again


Mel said...

Mad bug thingies!

Wooohooooooo!! I'm so proud for ya!

And I'd pass on inviting anyone to come up with answers to those question. Jello wrestling?! Oh my gosh!! LOL

katherine. said...

Mel: its fun...but it's a pain trying to get all the jello out of my hair.

Kai said...

It was a fun little thing she did wasn't it? I think we all wore her out though :-)

Vancouver mermaid/Montreal photographer said...

Woo-hoo, I'm here for a visit again.

Kathrine, you guys DID wear me out, haha. (Actually I have posted a few pics on my blog to show you just how badly it affected


Mel said...


Hope all's well in your world....

Jay said...

First impressions are always a pleasure to reflect on, aren't they? They reveal just as much about ourselves as about the other person.