santa cruz wharf

14 June 2007

Thursday Thirteen - doce

desired male attributes
(working my way thru the alphabet....backwards)

x-man watching
xenocracy visiting
xanthous accepting
xebec riding
xenial prone
xlaphone listening
xenophobia resistant
x-rated (with me only)

Contrary to what you may have heard….I am NOT geek-enough to carry these around in my head


mar said...

wow, this is a great idea! very creative. I will have to look some words up though, but I like the last one, lol!
happy tt!

Anonymous said...

Hey you're back!! Nice to see you again :-)

I can't believe you were able to do X - and a great job you did too!

katherine. said...

Thanks Mar…yeah I like the last one also!!

Hey Kai….I’m back….the X list required help from the site listed… week should be far easier.

Mel said...


She's back, she's back, she's BACK!!

:-) to go look up the words! LOL I have no clue what a good share of them are!

Hope all is well in your world--welcome back!!

katherine. said...

Mel Mel...hope all is world is finally linear.

I had to look 'em up too...that's why I provided the own up to my cheating!

Mel said...

Linear is good?

*scratching head*

(Gotta remember I'm one who insists on colouring outside the lines and runs with scissors.)

Linear is GOOD!
(right? LOL)

Travis said...

Welcome back!