santa cruz wharf

21 June 2007


yes...apparently I have way too much time on my hands....
When did they start doing these marketing-the-nutritional-benefit-labels for fruit and vegetables? I mean I understand that they are marketing the health aspects...but why on these labels. I never read these little labels at the you? I noticed both of them today in MY OWN KITCHEN. It did not influence my purchase...nor will it in the future. Do these things make any difference? (Need to ask the melonman...Have you seen the melonman? He lives on Drury Lane.)

Then again I didn't know that Artichokes (one of my ALLTIME faves) has more antioxidants per serving than ALL other vegetables.

And no...I'm not starting a collection.


Travis said...

A collection of stickers or a collection of artichokes?


I thought those stickers were on the bananas so that kids could stick them on their noses. That's what I always did with them.

No...I don't do that anymore! You can't prove it!

Mel said...


They're suppose to go on the CHILDREN'S noses?!

How come THEY get to have all the fun, dangit?

*sulking and peeling off the sticker*