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24 June 2007

Manic Monday with Mo ~ Grace

I am that type of person for whom eating is a sensory experience. I enjoy food. I love to cook (I hate to do the dishes) Long meals with family or friends and never ending conversation happen several times a week. I am TRULY grateful everyday for what I have. I am grateful for having dozens of choices for bread and milk and cereal, meat and produce.

Most cultures and religions pause before a meal by saying Grace...or blessing the meal..and offering thanks.

Odds are...some of you reading this post have known hunger. Some of you have done without so your children could eat.

With our technology and media we can not avoid awareness that millions of people are starving everyday. In fact, 17 million children alone die of starvation every year. In the few minutes it took me to type these lines, between 50 and 60 children have died.


No matter what you believe mindful that you do not have starvation in your life. Say Grace.

"Saying Grace"
Norman Rockwell


Travis said...

It's shameful that anyone should live in such poverty that they don't get enough to eat, even worse that so many are children.

Excellent post.

tegdirb92 said...

what a thought provoking post for MM! It pains me to think people go without food. Happy MM.

Gattina said...

In Europe the older generation still knows what is hunger ! After war there was nothing to eat ! Even I as a little child remember that milk was something very precious and only children got some !

ian said...

Just stopping in via Mo - Happy MM!


Shaz said...

Excellent awareness post that makes us stop & think, thank you for your Grace x x

Villager said...

So many of us take the basic elements of our life for granted. Few of us ever had to hunt for our own food ... we simply go to the neighborhood grocery store and buy something to eat.

Saying grace is a simple, but important, way to humble ourselves the vastness of His creation.

Thank you for making us stop and think this morning.

peace, Villager

Mel said...


Jamie said...

A Grace Before Dinner

O thou who kindly dost provide
For ev'ry creature's want!
We bless the God of Nature wide,
For all Thy goodness lent.
And if it please Thee, heavenly Guide,
May never worse be sent;
But, whether granted or denied,
Lord, bless us with content.

A Grace After Dinner

O Thou, in whom we live and move,
Who made the sea and shore,
Thou goodness constantly we prove,
And, grateful, would adore.
And, if it please Thee, Power above!
Still grant us with such store
The friend we trust, the fair we love,
And we desire no more.

Marilyn said...

Grace before a meal is such an interesting thing. When I was little we never said it but when we went over to eat someplace else they said it in a very long winded way that was different every time.

Dad once said it, "Through the lips and over the tounge, look out tummy, here it comes," which upset the in-laws no end.

Now we say a Catholic prayer that's always the same and I just zone out and say a short silent prayer of thanks and ask for help to get through the meal without eating too much of it. Here I am worried about eating too much. It's a sad world.

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

wonderful post! thank you...

smiles, bee

Sarge Charlie said...

happy mm, looking at your photo i think your panties are not 48

Comedy + said...

Thanks for the reminder of how fortunate we truly are. Have a great MM. :)

I Was Born2Cree8 said...

Well done.

God's grace to you and yours

Imma (Alice)

Reba's Run said...

whOOOOfff, RUFF ruff, bark!

I like food and family too.
Come visit, bring food.

Reba Rottenweiler

Morgen said...

Saying Grace is an excellent post for this week's MM.
Thanks for thinking of it, and including it!

Janna said...

Very sweet and true.
Thanks for doing Manic Monday!
By the way, I totally agree with you about hating to do dishes. :)

Jantics and The Jannaverse

Sanni said...

Very thought provoking - thanks for sharing.

We thank God for every meal, too. Even Luis (14 months old) pauses.
Jersey doesn´t - the furry diva is too greedy. ;)