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27 June 2007

Where the boys are...Rock on

Jessica the Rock Chick came up with a Rockin' Boy Blogger Award (or as Mel would say…A Blue Bandaid Award Whozit Thingie) and graciously allowed me to use it. (I was feeling kinda guilty for only the chicks having one)

Guys....The deal is that you have to pass it on to five of your Bros...I'm sure most of you have seen the Rockin' Girl Blogger Award...and were ever so envious you couldn't play.

I have a special place in my heart for Sarge Charlie and his true love Empress Bee. They remind me everyday of my Grands…Charlie and Opal Lee. Patriot and poker playing Grampa. I was especially touched by his recent post on being a Grandparent (and parent) in a blended family. Although my Gramma has passed…my Grampa continues to be a step-father…step-grandfather…and step-great-grandfather to dozens across the country. I’ve also found many Military blogs via his site that I now follow daily.

Turning the Pages of Life with Gene who is a cartoonist on his final countdown to retirement. He is the type of coach (baseball) that all parents wish they could have for their kids. He had some kind of epiphany and is taking the time to truly enjoy his wife and children NOW…he's not waiting until later. He is a Fireman who…rumor has it…once trained to be a clown….

Travis the Thoughtful Wolf. His blog is filled with entertaining writing and humorous insights. Sadly he is far too proud of being a member of the Raider Nation. His Thursday Thirteen has been an eclectic list of authors and their books from his library stacks. Definitely worth the time to go back and read thru some of his previous offerings.

Doesn’t everyone know about The Mo Show? When I first tried blogging I read a series of posts on Mo’s original site (It’s a Blog Eat Blog World) about his Egypt tour with his Gramma during our tragedy in September 2001. Now he also has a Blog Talk Radio Show. In the past, you may have a telephone relationship with someone and never “have a face to go with the voice” …these days I see pictures of people and read their stories…but don’t have a voice to go along with it. The Mo Show and his callers changed a bit of that.

Thermal Chris in Scotland has some of the funniest cartoons, clips and jokes I’ve found. He goes on great holidays all over Europe sharing pictures of incredible castles. His lovely (and athletic) wife Steph just completed the Charity Run for the pouring rain no less. Atta Girl. Chris has another site with great tips, tricks, and commentary applicable to both wordpress and blogspot. Check it out.

Special Mention – not so much the playing around type of blog….just really a great place to read…is The Serotinous Man.

Rock On


Amazing Gracie said...

This is w-a-y cool! I love your choices - I visit each and every one ('cept I don't know the last one - honorable mention).

Sarge Charlie said...

I am truly honored by your comments, I will work up a post accepting this honor you have bestowed upon me..

Mel said...

You......definitely rock!

MORE reading materials.
And I will get to all these fabulous places to give a read.

I figure when they're this highly recommended--I'll make the time!

Congratulations to the fellas!

Chris said...

Very nice of you Katherine, thanks :-D

Morgen said...

Aw shucks!
To be included in such company as Trav & Sarge is awesome!
I am honored, thank you Katherine!
I'll let you know when mine is posted!

Morgen said...

Okay - mine's done & up!
Thanks again for this honor!