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25 June 2007

Rock On...oh my soul...

I’m not much of a blog writer…however I am a voracious (don’t you just love that word) blog READER. So I was rather all shocked and shaken to see that Mel had given me what she terms the Pink Bandaid Award Whozit Thingie. Otherwise known as:

To quote Oscar (played by Mr. Owen Wilson) in the movie Armageddon:
I got that "excited/scared" feeling… 98% excited, 2% scared….Or maybe it's more…..It could be….it could be 98% scared, 2% excited….but that's what makes it so intense, it's so….confused….I can't really figure it out.

Apparently the deal is that I pass on the honor of the RGB to five additional women. So...alrighty we go....
Three of these amazing women most likely have no clue that I….let alone my little ole blog …even exist. Nevertheless, (why don't we ever say "alwaysthemore"?) I closely follow each and every one of theirs.

Mrs. Dub is the Wife of Sgt Dub who kept the home fires burning while he was deployed in Afghanistan. Many bloggers I read are Thankful he has recently returned home to her and Miss Dub. We must always be mindful that for every man and women in military service overseas there are spouses, parents, children, friends, lovers, partners, siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles….et cetera. All of whom are making a sacrifice in their lives and livelihoods. Who must live each day with a strength and patience I can not imagine. I am thankful for their service as well.

Memoirs of an Inmates Wife is written by a young wife and mother keeping a different type of home fire burning in Pennsylvania. Her tales of parole hearings and prison visits will tug your heartstrings in many directions. A single mom by circumstance who is as strong as her opinions.

La Bella Noire's Ramblings is written by Tasha. Not that I am any sort of legitimate literary critic…but I think of her as the female Washington DC version of Teflon Don. From me that is high praise indeed. It seems she is recently sorta engaged….there was what seems to be a preliminary proposal….and something big is gonna happen on Saturday...

The Best Dirty Cuddle Down In The Park. Rebecca and I actually know each other up close and personal. We use to work together and at one point would begin each day taking a walk to a great little bakery for caffeine and sustenance. She is a writer by trade and in her heart. Rebecca taught me words like “amanuensis” and I miss our daily conversation and friendship. (Hey girl when are we having breakfast?????) Her sisters have followed her to California…and she’s gonna be an AUNT!!!!!

Mel’s Dream. If you’re concerned that boom-a-ranging this award is against the rules…then you best not be givin' it to the likes of me. Take the time to read back thru her Fairy gifts, and all the QFTDs and TFTDs. She has a precious Brit…and a job where her wisdom and experience make a real honest-to-God difference in the lives of young ones. I am envious of the wisepersoninherlife...and even when he is tough on her...I totally want one of my own.

I know you'll be enriched by each of these reads.


Mel said...


Shoulda known it'd come back. LOL

Ah well, that's what's so fun about the pink bandaid award whozit thingy--it brings a smile with it, eh?

NOW I get to go do some reading.
(well not NOW, now.....NOW I'm doing coffee and catching up from the evening--then I gotta chase my own tail for a good 13 hours and play with kiddos....but THEN I'm gonna do some reading, goshdangit!)

Can I just say (ONE MORE TIME) that I'm glad you're back.
(just pfffttt!)

Tasha said...

Thanks for the award! I've definitely got some reading to do!

Michael C said...

The Rockin Bloggers are really taking off. That's great!!! Thanks for visiting my blog. I appreciate it!

Rebecca said...

Awww...thanks for the award! It's nice to find your blog. I'm sorry I missed you at that June 5 Hula's thing, I had the terrible cold I always get this time of year.

Life is insanely busy right now, and I'm about to go back to South Carolina for the first time in 4 years. Scary. But let's have breakfast when I return!

Skittles said...

Congrats!!!!! :)