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14 July 2007

it IS all about mememememe ~ the FIVES

Ms Kai….BuzzQueen of the Mounties tagged me on this one. Besides being a creative and cute Mommy and Mountie Matron…she graciously acquiesced to my shameless begging and wrote this most amazing post.

Here ya go….

Five things in my refrigerator:
(I need to clean out the refrigerator)
1. homemade caprese
(for salad or bruschetta)
2. tortillas flour and corn (a staple in my life)
3. fresh artichokes
4. cans of coke
(NOT pepsi) with all the caffeine, sugar & taste
5. Blue Moon Beer
(brought and left by someone who apparently thinks he’s gonna get invited back)

Five things in my closet:
(and I need to clean out my closet)
1. tons of “nice” clothes I no longer wear
2. dirty towels.
3. framed letter from Thomas Watson Jr.
4. seventeen pairs of sandals
(I didn’t count the other kinds)
5. my poker chip case

Five things in my purse:
(this was a great reason to clean out my purse)
1. seven hair ties and bands of various styles and colors
2. leather notebook to write down things I don’t want to forget
(directions, tasks, profound thoughts)
3. used embroidered handkerchief (I HATE Kleenex)
4. pictures of my kids
5. souvenir pen from Take your Mommy to Work day

Five things in my car:
(the truck is actually pretty clean)
1. twelve hair ties and bands of various styles and colors
2. a dozen CDs
3. canvas bags for groceries
4. blue Motorola walkie talkies which were used maybe once.
5. a bunch of AAA maps

Five things in the world I want to see before I die:
(I’d say something about cleaning up the world…but this past week of Al Gore makes me throw up)
1. My children grown and happy
2. my very own totem pole

3. Alaska
4. The original Magnolias and Irises by Louis Comfort Tiffany
5. World Peace

(must be the beauty queen in me….laughing laughing laughing)
(no wait…really…wouldn’t World Peace be something?)

Now I'm supposed to tag five people, in keeping with the theme, of course...however I checked 22 people and I’ve concluded that just about everyone has done this one ALREADY....


Kat said...

Hair bands, barrettes and all other accessories used to keep hair controlled multiply on their own when your hair is short and then migrate somewhere else once your hair is long enough to use them, as evidenced by your meme.

Anonymous said...

See - I knew you'd have clever answers!

Your own totem eh? I just may be able to hook you up with that one day. Of course, you'd have to come and pick it up! :-)

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Fine answers there; a good blog.

Mel said...


If we paired up your 'nice' clothes and my 'nice' clothes I betcha we could have a store of our own.

Seventeen pairs of sandals?
HOLY moly...LOL

crazy working mom said...

You did an awesome job! :)