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25 July 2007

Thursday Thirteen ~ dieciocho

desired male attributes
(working my way thru the alphabet....backwards)


remote relinquishing
risk knowing
reciprocal giving (smile)

R is one of my favorite letters


Hammer said...

I only relinqush the remote if there is a promis of no liftime, oxygen or hallmark ;)

katherine. said...

hammer: no waivers will be issued for relinquishing.

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

i was surprised and happy to see republican! ha ha

smiles, bee

Matt-Man said...

I am quite the rube, does that help?

Mel said...

Of all the things to nod my head at, it was 'reading'.

Lazy days spent reading, all stretched out and comfy...priceless.

R's a great letter, indeed.

Morgen said...

you forgot "ready for round two"

katherine. said...

Miz Bee: I live in the socialist city of Santa Cruz...I am the minority for sure.

Matt: Rube? hmmm that'd work.

Mel: I have been in trouble all my life for reading too much. It'd be great to have someone to read with.


crazy working mom said...

My favorite was remote relinquishing! Heh heh heh...the list gets better and better. :)

Happy TT.

JAM said...

Um. resis... resipsc... resipiscent?

Gee willakers, woman! I went to Louisiana public school, now I'm gonna have to go look the word up in the dictionary.

OK, now that that is done, I guess I am now resipescent, having returned to a saner state of mind by finding out what the heck that word meant.

You're a high maintenance blogger, you know that? We have to work for our enlightenment.

katherine. said...

CWMom: yeah...but the toughest to find in a man....sigh.

jam: clever clever. not so much high readers are of a higher caliber.

Travis said...

It's wrong of you to make me go to the dictionary - I had not idea what resipiscent meant.

Plus, I had to go to because Mr Webster didn't see fit to put this word in his 11th edition.

Marilyn said...

You know... if the commentors that already looked it up just told us what they'd found it would save so much time.

Amazing Gracie said...

Not only are you good, you're very clever (and Republican? WoW!)...

katherine. said...

Trav: sorry 'bout that...what is wrong with webster?? sheesh

marilyn: laughing...good point!

Gracie: You make me blush (hell yes republican!)

Comedy + said...

This is very clever. Excellent. :)