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11 July 2007

Thursday Thirteen ~ dieciseis

desired male attributes
(working my way thru the alphabet....backwards)

thanks giving
tear wiping
tent camping
testament reading
tattoo accepting
totem pole allowing
touch loving
toy playing
tulip growing
tongue using
truth telling

ok…this was really difficult to narrow down to 13…I started out with more than 40 “T” words….


Anonymous said...

hehe - I love that you always throw a naughty one in there somewhere :-) Actually, I think you have a couple this time!

'Totem pole allowing' - do you have a totem? We were posted on a First Nations reserve on our last posting (for 2 years) and one of the artists made us our own family totem. It is my most prized posession :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh shoot - my TT is on the other one:

Just Me

mueja said...

Nice photo

Mel said...


TOY playin', truth telling, touch lovin'....

Three big ones for me....'specially the toy one.
(go figure)

Or...maybe toy buyin'.
Toys are always better when someone buys 'em for ya, for some reason.

crazy working mom said...

...and the list continues! Great job on this one. :)

I like tent camping, truth telling, and tongue using. heh heh

Lori said...

Great list:) Happy TT.

Anonymous said...

Just.... trying.... to ... get .... a.... little.... taller. C;)

katherine. said...

oh kai....YOU HAVE A TOTEM? I have wanted a real honest-to-God totem for over 30 years. no kidding

Mueja: thanks...and thanks for stopping by

mel: now how did I know the toy thing would speak to you? Turth telling...lsck of that is a deal breaker...then again so it touch loving'

katherine. said...

CW Mom: you always have your faves! laughing...

Lori: - thanks...far easier than the "u" or "x" lists!

Craig: nine outa ten?

Dixiechick said...

Excellent list. Another good idea for when I'm at a loss for a Thursday 13.

Thanks for stopping by.

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

tummy filling!

smiles, bee

Shelby said...

great list! really!

JAM said...

First time visitor, so I'm just hoping that you have a man that fits all these in your life.

Jeesh, you can recite the alphabet backward?

Anonymous said...

Well, 5'10" ain't bad... and, actually I don't grow tulips either. The gardens got every else, I assure you. Just no tulips.

katherine. said...

dixie: yeah I figured it was good for 26 weeks

shelby: thanks...come on back...ya hear?

Jam: only so far...ihgfedcbazxwvut

katherine. said...

Bee: does this mean the sarge can cook too?????

craig: 5'10" is not about Irises and Wisteria?

Desert Songbird said...

I'm thinking you should go ahead and share all 40...

katherine. said...

okay desert ya go...although they are unedited...

text messaging
truck driving
thought provoking
tune playing
tell knowing (poker)
ten inched
television watching
task doing
tale listening
trek hiking
tomorrow hoping