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18 July 2007

Thursday Thirteen ~ diecisiete

desired male attributes
(working my way thru the alphabet....backwards)

skin caressing
stars and stripes honoring
smile bringing
solitude respecting

sheesh...some letters I struggled to make thirteen...and some I struggle to eliminate down to thirteen...


Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

sarge loving!

smiles, bee

katherine. said...

laughing...I put "sarg-like" comment on your post.

And then I had to talk about mashed hooters for crying out loud!

laughing laughing laughing....

Mel said...

Solitude lovin'.

Oh--g'head and share the whole list, what the heck!

Matt-Man said...

I smile alot. I am sensual, although keeping with the letter "p", if I get too sensual, I slobber. Cheers!!

Suprina said...

Great TT!

katherine. said...

Mel: um...maybe..well for you..okay

Matt: the letter "p"?? Haven't gotten to "p" yet...

suprina: thanks for stoping by

the teach said...

katherine, How about sexy, seductive, sensational, solid, snuggly, soft, sprightly, stable, spotless, starry-eyed (when looking at you), squeezable... okay that's enough for now. :)

impworks said...

The 13s I hate most are when I stuggle for 13 and end up with 16 and have to cut back down...

Great list :-)

crazy working mom said...

I think they just get better and better! I love smile bringing AND stars and stripes honoring.

Great list this week.

Happy TTing.

Travis said...

Hmmmm. I resemble this list.

What? It ain't conceit if it's true!

Norma said...

Smashing use of participles. Thanks for stopping by my TT.