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28 August 2007

Heads or Tails ~ Hobby

Miz Skit (aka Barb at Skittles Place) has gotten her tail in gear and heads up a Tuesday challenge called: Heads or Tails. If you don’t know her site….WHERE have you been?

This week’s assignment is to give your readers a headsup about your hobby….or if you chose to turn tail and run…to write about something that rhymes with hobby. (knobby bobby in the lobby looking kinda slobby…..I dunno…sheesh)

This morning I have come to the shocking realization:
I do not have a hobby.

It had never occured to me before....but I don't actually have a hobby. I take pictures, and collect paperweights. I have been known to quilt, sew clothes and truly enjoy needlework. But I do none of these with the frequency that would constitute a hobby.

I know people with hobbies….and I thought, “hey….maybe I could write about them” ….scrapbooking, kayaking, and bow hunting for elk each came to mind. Sigh….I really don’t know enough to write about any of their hobbies.

I watch sports. I enjoy travel. I listen to a wide variety of music. I love movies. I research in depth that which interests me. I blog a little…and read a lot. I am never without a book. But no one who knows me would consider any of those my hobby.

I think that I would like to have a hobby….
I just don’t know what that would be.


Skittles said...

It sounds to me like you have some hobbies.. you just aren't OCD about them.

I've always wished I had started a collection of some sort. How many paperweights do you have?

meeyauw said...

Well perhaps you aren't crazy obsessed with any of your hobbies like somebody-unnamed (me?)?? LOL It sounds like you have a balanced life with many interests!

Mel said...

Well, you can put me in that same 'category'.

I have stuff that I enjoy doing. But it's hit and miss and switches to different stuff.
I'd hate to think that means I'm 'well balanced'. LOL Everyone knows THAT'S not true!