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21 August 2007

Heads or Tails ~ luck

Barb at Skittles Place has been tossing a coin...challenging us to write about a time in our lives when we had been lucky.

My mind has been pinballing today.

I wade through several different stories about luck in my life….but the thoughts bounce back and forth and just when I’m on to something…my logic kicks in and I come back to the fact I don’t actually believe in luck.

Or…maybe….I just don’t trust my luck.

I think of luck in my life in a similar fashion as I do being fortunate.
I was so lucky to get that parking spot.
I was so fortunate to get that parking spot.
How unlucky that guy spilled his coffee on me.
How unfortunate that guy spilled his coffee on me.

I have been very fortunate in my life.

Luck and Gambling go hand in hand.
I am not much of a gambler
I have been known to take on risk, it's not the same.

Casinos send me into some sort of sensory overload. If I stay more than an hour, I get really, REALLY tired and lethargic. So…I don’t gamble much. The time I do spend gambling is at the Roulette wheel. A very wise and experienced gentleman taught me how to play Roulette in a cruise ship casino a few years ago. People think I am very lucky at Roulette. Nah. I am well taught.

Luck is prevalent in card games…I am rather lucky at Poker.
My Gramma and Grampa taught me to play.

There is that old saying:
“lucky in cards…unlucky in love”
Guess THAT explains a lot.

Then again, my grandparents were married for over 67 years. The truest love story I have ever known. No debilitating medical or mental issues EVER. Both of them very lucky at cards…and VERY lucky in love..

If I had a choice….
perhaps I’d prefer to be unlucky in cards.

How come “luck” is of a feminine persuasion?


Skittles said...

The whole post was great.. the ending was fantastic. :)

Turnbaby said...

I'd be willing to bet if you called Lady Luck a 'bitch' she'd say "That's MISS Bitch to you!"

That's my standard answer ;-)

You are in my reader and being linked sugar.

Thanks for being a great sport and someone who finally understands that people can actually discuss things.

Hammer said...

Th luckiest thing is not being a gambler ;)

Travis said...

I like this post.

And after reading Turn's comments, I went and checked my links. I'm embarrassed. I have you bookmarked as a favorite, but not linked on my blog.

Sorry about that. I'm going to fix it now.