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14 August 2007

Heads or Tails ~ uno ~ Beginnings

Barb over at
Skittle’s Place is kickin’ off a new Meme called: Heads or Tails

This week’s theme is “Beginnings”

There are beginnings looming in my immediate future…but I’m holding off. Hesitating to begin.

I am well aware of what needs to be done. I know exactly where the threshold is that I must cross. I step up to it...with the door open and objective in sight.

Yet I hesitate.
Not stagnate, or procrastinate, or constipate.
Not from fear, or laziness, or lack of knowledge.

I stand at the threshold with God’s hand on my shoulder holding me back.

It’s just not time to begin.


tegdirb92 said...

beautiful!! What a good one for beginnings :)

Skittles said...

This was so very powerful. How true that God sometimes wants us to wait just a little longer.


Mike said...

A good post for this meme. I myself have the procrasination thing to deal with. Where to begin is my holdup lol. Very well done.

Jennifer said...

Nice post. I am ready for that jump no more holding back. quite the opposite.

It is beautiful how you put your words together though. Great job.

Shelby said...

great post!

Krista said...

Hey Katherine, thanks for checking me out. I'm laughing cause the she, is actually a boy. He does look like a girl in that picture!! Oh no, I have a girly boy! Its not the first time someones said that, everytime he wears white, I swear!! Have an awesome night and thanks for visiting me.

Krista said...

HA HA you're funny

Travis said...

Quite the wordsmith the last couple days, aren't ya?

Mel said...


That 'G-d's time' thingy is a good thing...really it is.
Much wiser than mine, I must admit.

(Geeze, don't tell HIM I said that will ya? LOL I'd hate to look AS compliant/reliant as I am.)

Misty Dawn said...

Awesome post for this new meme!

Jessica Morris said...

Great post! You have a great way with words, and how very true that we need to wait on God's timing for things! Him leading makes everything smoother - and when it's 'new beginnings' it's nice to be assured that God is the one leading!

Rambler said...

awesomely crafted..
Just out of curiosity, what would make you realize thats nows the time to begin..

Sanni said...

Beautiful, katherine - and so powerful!

I´m glad to see you at "Heads or Tails?" as well!