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15 August 2007

Thursday Thirteen ~ veinteuno

desired male attributes
(working my way thru the alphabet....backwards)

old school
offense forgiving
olallieberry picking


crazy working mom said...

*Sigh* I have an "outdoorsy" one, He is ate up with deer hunting. Every time he gets control of the remote he is watching that junk! Oh, for the love of...

ian said...

Hmmmm...let's see where I fit in here. In order...

Depends on the circumstances ;)
*looking it up*
Nope - This is the New Hotness
Not so much
Have you READ my book yet? ;)
Very much so
I don't pick at things
You know, this one time, in band camp...


Mr. Fabulous said...

Outdoorsy? But that's where all the bugs and poison ivy are!

Mags said...

I need a once upon a time kind of guy. 8)

I finally added you to my blogroll-I'm sorry it took me so long!

Still looking for my recipe cards from school...starter soon to come.

Mel said...

I'm cool with the long as we're camping out in the hotel after a day of adventures!

Yeah, yeah.....I'm spoiled! LOL

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...


smiles, bee

Matt-Man said...

Wow...I have alot of those attributes. I'm going to start calling myself, "The Big O". Cheers!!

Skittles said...

Oh yes.. a once-upon-a-time guy.. make the fairy tale come true!

Please drop by and read about My Linky Love Dream. :)

Anonymous said...

I was kinda hoping for operant.

impworks said...

Well you caught me out with orthographer I had to look it up! I'm sorry to say not something I am. 7 out of 13 isn't bad (although no one will use that as a song lyric) :-)

katherine. said...

CW Mom: yikes. I spent sat morn on an archery range watching elk hunting practice.

ian: laughing...not bad (I have yet to read your book)

Mr Fab: poison oak bad. bugs...not so bad here.

mags: thanks...enjoy tonight!

mel: how about half and half?

Miz B: actually I need someone who can tolerate a bit of onery

matt: laughing...lucky schmoop

Miz Skit: be right there...

craig: operant...oh that's good...hmmm

imp: 7 out of 13...thats a batting average over 500...

Travis said...

I was going to ask what an olallieberry is, but then I got distracted by the next word.

Happy TT!

Krista said...

funny comment, ian. This will be a fun list to make! Is there such a thing as a perfect man????? i hope so

Michael C said...

Do I have a problem if I only know what half of those mean??

Rhian / Crowwoman said...

olallieberry picking? ROFLMAO!!!
errr - i mean, yes, i can see where that would be a very critical trait. heh.

katherine. said...

Travis: its a mix between a blackberry, raspberry and someother berry based on region. It makes a killer pie and jam! sorry to make you lose your train of

Krista: alas perfect man. I only have five more letters...

Michael: laughing...I bet you really know most of 'em and just don't want to admit it...

Rhian: truly it means an attitude willing to go with me to the fields by the ocean and spend the time enjoying the simple task. Even if you could go two blocks to market and buy a basket full.

mar said...

olallieberry picking??

Linda said...

I kinda got lost on the 'orgasmic' myself ... sorry!