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06 August 2007

Manic Monday with Mo - Lie

I may not tell you everything…
but everything I tell you is golden

Why is that not enough?

I admit, I omit.

Not to lie. Not to deceive. It’s not always appropriate, or necessary, or mandatory to divulge every little detail. Often it is just not their concern.

Have I ever lied? Of course. And with a bit of shame I hesitate to write that I suspect I will probably lie again at some point in the future. (heavy sigh) It won’t be hurtful or dangerous. It won’t be of substance.

What has happened to our right of privacy? Why do people think they have a right to know everything they ask? (you should be aware I believe privacy is becoming a major cultural issue…it is rapidly becoming a commodity of our time…but that is my rant of epic proportions)

Are there lies of omission? Sure. Withholding required or valuable information from another to take pleasure in their misfortune or to intentionally deceive them would constitute a lie.

I was a bit blown away to discover (on wikipedia) various categories for lies…and “sins” of omission from the Catholic church...for example Thomas Aquinas who perpetuated that all lies were sins…although hey…humorous and useful lies were venial sins…and the malicious ones were mortal sins. Damn. (or Damned as the case may be.) Its gotta be tough to be Catholic. If I were Catholic…I’d be in big trouble. Praise the Lord, I am not. (smile)

Nevertheless, I usually don’t tell everything. I don’t make a big deal out of it. I don’t do so with malice. If you ask me a direct question, I will give you an honest answer. I will not attempt to mislead you…or allow you to believe details that are incorrect. If I don’t feel like sharing some tidbit, I will tell you so.

I may not tell you everything….

but everything I tell you is golden


Jamie said...

Wonderful well thought out post on the subject. I must plead guilty to the lies of omission if only because as with you privacy is a big thing and some kind and polite form of "none of your business" does pass the lips.

BTW, my son and grandson are visiting Santa Cruz today as part of their vacation before heading for Monterey.... drive carefully.

Linda said...

Funny how the Catholic Church can take something like a "lie" and turn into a magnitude of things which mean different things in and of themselves. Certain types of lies are more or less okay, as sanctioned by the church - how convenient!

I, too, tell lies of omission but is not telling someone something the same as lying about something to someone?

I am so confused at times!

Anonymous said...

Hello Katherine,

Do you think God omits information for his and our benefits? I do. No point living if there is nothing to learn. But, that is just me.

Ambre said...

What a beautifully written prose! I loved it!


Mel said...

Well said and well written.

Yep, I lie--outright AND by omission.

"Perfection escapes alien" --what a great headline! ;-)

Marilyn said...

Sometimes we lie to be kind. Telling the truth just to be hurtful is probably a sin the Church forgot to mention.

katherine. said...

Jamie: it was beautiful here yesterday...I hope they enjoyed themselves!

linda: I have several issues with the Catholic church...

Hello Craig: For our benefit? Absolutely. For His? not sure that is an issue. The point is to learn...and grow....

Ambre: thanks...come back again..

Mel: I'll remember that! laughing...

Marilyn: many times it is kind to omit!!!

Travis said...

There are distinctions. And to withhold is not necessarily to lie.

Excellent points here.

Morgen said...

I think that lies of omission go with blogging. I think each of us are a "persona" online.
great post!