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12 October 2007

Hey....Inky and Lola!!

Stick Figures for those of us who are artistically challenged!

I stumbled over this on the beach kat site…you can actually order one of these decals…or just play around and do a preview… if I put one of these on my car my kids would mutiny and have me committed!!

(Inky and Lola are originals over at Bagwine Ruminations)


Desert Songbird said...

I see these all over my neighborhood. It's a bit too cutsey for me. I love my kids, but...ick.

Matt-Man said...

HA...Thanks for the shout out Katherine. I think Inky and Lola may have something to say about these stick people tomorrow!! Cheers.

justabeachkat said...

Glad you had fun too. Isn't it wonderful how thin we all look? Love it!


Latharia said...

LOL....those stick people crack me up!!!

.:mar said...

Oh, they are wonderful, thanks for the awesome link!!

crazy working mom said...

Those are too funny!

I hated to see them meet such a horrible demise over at Matt Man's place. :(

katherine. said...

DS: they are everywhere...and soooo annoying. I think its so everyone can tell which identical car is theirs.

Matt: I shoulda known I was in trouble!

kat: thin...and as TALL as all my kids.

latharia: go see what Matt did to us!

mar: here they are a bit too overdone these days

CW Mom: yeah...he was MEAN !!