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05 April 2009

Forget Raymond….Everybody Loves Maggie

           Today is my Mama’s Birthday !

000 birthday girl 
Lightening will strike if I mention which one.  She has always been the type to politely refuse to disclose her age. On the side chair sits her embroidered pillow which reads:

”Age is only a number….and mine is unlisted”

(the irony is for the past ten months, every time she sees a doctor, has a test or procedure performed, or even picks up a prescription the medical professional confirms her birthday.  Out loud.  So everyone can hear.  She gets oh-so-ticked-off.  And then she glares at me chuckling)

All my life my Mama has been surrounded by people who love her.  Family.  Friends.  Neighbors. Co-workers. Churchmates. Not so unusual until you take a look at the range of individuals.

PTA moms. Soccer Moms. Corporate Moms. Women who would never have a child of their own. There are pious believers…and those who refuse God.  Neighbors who can’t get along with anyone else but her. The preacher…and the members of the choir.  Drunks. Murderers. The Judge.  Sorority girls and Fraternity boys. Old. Young. Holy Rollers and Whores.  Blue collar, white collar, and the guy with pink lace on his panties. Red necks and no necks. Hillbillys. Captains of Industry, Rocket Scientists, and the guy who lives under the bridge with a blanket.

Everybody Loves Maggie.

016 a           (the summer of sweet sixteen) 

While we have many things in common, and I have a wide range of friends…I do not take after my Mama so much. It has been said that I am my Father’s daughter. My temperament is not of mother born. (smile) There was a time that bothered me a great deal.  A time when I wanted to be the woman she is. But alas…heavy sigh…I am not. I am a smartass….and she is not.

I have been known to explain “I try to always be a good person. I may not always be a nice person…but I always try to be a good person” Mama and I learned to accept this a long time ago. (although there are a few dozen people who ardently wish I would be more like her.) 

001 a022 (maggie as a first born…and with her first born)

021 b

043  (as the bride….and the mother of the bride.
Yes, it is the same dress…the first time she was married was on her 21st birthday….)

(I am the only woman I know who was able to be the Best Man at her own mother’s wedding) 

(Maggie and Shirley…BFF at 16 and 60)

There was a time a few months back, I wasn’t sure we’d get to this 5th of April with my Mama here on Earth.  And I wouldn’t be so foolish has to be certain of the next.  But today…I praise God for being able to celebrate this day with her.

023 (evidence that I have been a klutz my entire life)

This little one minute ditty is my first attempt at making a .wav file from photos.  No music or special effects.  This could get fun.

      Happy Birthday Mama….I love you….


Travis said...

What a wonderful tribute. Happy Birthday to your mom.

The Teamster said...

I agree with Travis....what a great tribute for a womderful woman. You "done" good Katherine.

I hope your mom's birthday was enjoyable.

The CEO said...

Happy Birthday to your Mother, and to many, many more joyous ones too!

I hope the folks at Industrial Light and Magic see this, you have skills.

I do know something you nherited from you Mom, Katherine, and that's class. Well done. As the left side of my brain, I'm proud of you, very proud indeed.

Mimi Lenox said...

Happy birthday to your Mama.
This is a wonderful tribute.
So self-aware and honest.

Matt-Man said...

Happy Belated B-Day to your Mom. Cheers to ya Kat!!

Mel said...

Happy Happy Birthday Birthday!!

Gosh.....she's gorgeous.
At 16, at (can't say it cuz I'd get 'that look'.....)_____, she's a gorgeous gal.
And YOU--well done.

I'm gonna go get kleenex now.
Moms are such cool creatures....

Desert Songbird said...

Wow, photos of you without sunglasses. Amazing. *cheeky grin*

You are so blessed. *heavy sigh*

Bond said...

What a wonderful post Katherine. Mom was and is a gorgeous woman. Thanks for sharing this special day and pictures of her though out the years.


dadshouse said...

What a nice tribute! Happy birthday to your mom.

whaong said...

Happy birtday to MAMA. Ya, Mama is someone who must get most attention from us.

I, Like The View said...

once again, what a wonderful tribute

and thank you so much for sharing it with us

thank you


I, Like The View said...

oh! and I forgot to say happy birthday - hope the celebtrations were enjoyed by all

Anndi said...

How lovely *wipes tear*. Makes me miss my mother. Happy Belated birthday!

Erika Henderson-Morse said...

I LOVE this BLOG. And yes, EVERYONE Loves Maggie!!! BTW...I love that you wore her wedding dress. I love the slide show and all of the pictures. Good Job!!!!

Amazing Gracie said...

Well I'm all misty-eyed! I'm so glad for all of you that you were able to be together this year, and praying for many, many more!!!
I've been an orphan since '92 and there's not a day goes by that I don't wish I could just pick up the 'phone and say, "Hi."
I get perturbed when I see tees that say things about "turning into my mother..." etc. That's something I'd love to do because she was so much better at it than I.
Belated birthday blessings to Maggie!

Starrlight said...

Wow your mom was a ringer for Olivia de Haviland when she was younger! That was a lovely write up =)

Dr. Blogstein said...

quite an elegant looking lady. Happy B-Day to her.

Marilyn said...

I hope she had a wonderful birthday... my mom is the same age, always has been.