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23 April 2009

Thursday Thirteen ~ heard while photographing

1) Why are you bringing your camera?

2) Enough already…we are going to be late.

3) We are going to hike ahead. 
I’ll come back for you in a couple hours.

4) Can I use MY camera now ?

5) You can’t get every shot.

6) I’m gonna nap in the car til you’re done.

7) No one ever sees all of these pictures.

8) Where did you put the lens cap?

9) What is my brother talking about? 
A birthday video of me on FaceBook?

10) You only took two hundred and twelve shots…what’s wrong?

11) Put the damn camera away, you are NOT taking a picture of that !!

12) How many times to I have to ask you to put the lens cap back on?

13) This had better NOT show up on your blog.

I’d almost forgotten about Thursday Thirteen…
Miz Starr is hallucinating up a storm with britt boys today…and reminded me. Pay special attention to #10.  Although…I do like boys who sparkle….

TT batton has been passed to new sponsorship….
I may have to start playing’ again.


Barbara said...

hahahahahaha! I've heard a lot of the same things while taking pictures. Thanks for the giggle.

Desert Songbird said...

My FIL frequently hears, "How many shots are you going to need this time, Bill?" and "Did you get this angle yet?" and "Should we turn this way?"

Hammer said...

I'm glad my camera runs out of batteries after 50 or so pics :)

Alice Audrey said...

LOL! I should show this to my dh.

Sandee said...

Be prepared...Z is bringing the camera to dinner again. I can so relate to everything you said in this TT. Bwahahahahaha.

Have a terrific day. Big hug. :)

My expressions LIVE said...

Loved the post....great 13..xoxox

The CEO said...

What kind of cameras do you use when you go out hunting pictures?

Starrlight said...

Some of those sound downright threatening!

Boys who sparkle are awesome =)

Jen said...

What a fun list! I've heard some of those things too, but some members of my family are such bad photographers, I feel like if I don't get good photos, we won't have any!

Deena said...

Hehe...all that sounds strangely familiar to me. ;)

Happy TT!

Kim said...

I think I personally have said most of the things on that list to my SIL who is a professional photographer and ALWAYS has a camera on hand. lol

My T13

Linda said...

Gee, I sometimes have to ask Amanda the same thing with #4! She has taken a liking to my Nikon and that makes me nervous - very nervous; I almost feel like I need to take with me 24/7 just in case!

The Teamster said...

only 212???'re's usually 412...

should I tell where the lens cap usually is?

Nikon D-70

CrAzY Working Mom said...

I think I broke my neck nodding in agreement. *LOL* My family always knows that anything they say or do can and most likely will be used against them on the blog. heh heh heh

It's great leverage should I ever need it. ;)

katherine. said...

Barbara: glad they made you smile.

DS: every family has one...sigh...

Hammer: that gets expensive!

Alice: does he say them or hear them?

Sandee: I'm ready. This time I will be armed as well!

Expressions: thanks.

katherine. said...

CEO: sometimes my nine year old olympus...and sometimes The Teamster's Nikon.

Starr: The last one my daughter says all the time. My Mama says 11...and she doesn't even read the weblog.

Jen: my sentiments EXACTLY

Deena: we are not alone....

katherine. said...

Kim: if I was a professional I would have a good excuse!

Linda: I bet Teamster feels the same way...

T: you are the one who said that...cause I hadn't taken very many...actually you say a lot of these. (nobody cares where the lens cap is...)

Tish: I've told you before I wish digital cameras and blogs were around when mine were little...have B give you a neck massage !

Mel said...

<-- might care where the lens cap is....'s been forever since I've seen the list here. I'm so glad. Humble beginnings, yaknow...

About that lens cap......LOL

I won't tell. (yeah, right....LOL)

You do realize I've heard darn near all of these myself, dontcha?
Well, 'cept for the lens cap one.....(mine's attached TO the camera...HA!)

Travis said...


I've discovered while walking the last couple of days that it's fun to play tourist and walk around with a camera in your own town.