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04 April 2009

photo hunting ~ stripes

stripes post

photo hunter(Don’t miss Tennessee Chick leader of the Photo Hunters.)

This is part of a piece in the lobby of the San Francisco Museum of Metropolitan Art. (SFMOMA)
I shot it last summer when The Teamster took me to see the Frida Kahlo exhibit…which was excellent!


Mel said...



Hammer said...

I like it.

There is a restaurant here in town that has about 15 frieda paintings. some of them are 6 feet wide. Not something to stare at while eating ;)

Amazing Gracie said...

I think those are some pretty awesome stripes! They remind me of the beach and all the brightly striped towels.

Linda said...

So simple and yet so creative!

Indrani said...

Wow! Nice take on stripes! Very colorful. :)

Thank you for the nice words at my place.

The CEO said...

A Saturday night of Art with Katherine, what a lovely idea, and thank you for such a good choice. And for extending the idea into striping your post in a similar way. Very nice, thank you for the extra effort.


katherine. said...

Mel: smile.

Hammer: yeah...her work is not appetizing to say the least!

Grace: Yes! they would make great beach towels.

Linda: they are huge pieces!

Indrani: thank you for coming have a wonderful site.

Monty: smile...thanks for noticing!

The Teamster said...

however her work is mesmerizing and in many ways haunting....but beautiful to look at.

Desert Songbird said...

The colors remind me of a Mexican marketplace.

I, Like The View said...

what an interesting piece

makes my eyes go all funny tho