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24 April 2009

photo hunting ~ protection

ph protection

tnchick has brought us the Saturday meme,
“Photo Hunters” for as long as the weblog world can remember. For this week’s theme of “Protection” I chose the F-18 Hornet.

I am honored and thankful they protect me.

photo hunter


I, Like The View said...

great photo - all those angles

glad you're protected and that you feel safe


Travis said...

Fighter jets are sexy.

The CEO said...

I agree with Like The View, you picked a great angle to show off the F-18. I agree with you that I'm grateful and honored they defend me day and night. Nice choice.

Mel said...


Them's one mean lookin' machine. :-)

(Actually, when I showed himself I said 'pretty!'....apparently I chose a wrong word....LOL)

srp said...

They are comforting to see.... great shot for the theme today! Mine is here.

kay said...

Wow! that should keep you safe as safe can be

I'm up at

Do drop by and visit! I'd love to hear your thoughts on it.

Matt-Man said...

Nice, but I am more of an F-15 Double Eagle kinda guy. Cheers Kat!!

Diesel said...


Sandee said...

I'm honored and thankful they protect me too. Excellent choice.

Have a terrific day Katherine. Big hug. :)

Desert Songbird said...

Amen to that. I live near an Air Force base that is home to the F-16s, and every day as their coming home for the evening, I stand and give them a salute.

Mimi Lenox said...

I am grateful as well.

Cebu Pictures said...

I thought it is just a toy